Boise & Garden City

Boise Greenbelt gets three new “air and repair” stations

Donations by Whole Foods Boise customers and the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance have paid for three new “air and repair” bike stations along the Boise River Greenbelt.

The locations are:

• Riverside Park, near the restroom, 1775 W. Shoreline Dr.

• Municipal Park, 500 S. Walnut St.

• Willow Lane Athletic Complex, near the BMX track, 4623 W. Willow Lane

Air and repair stations are bicycle stands bolted to the ground that have basic bicycle repair tools and air pumps. In 2013, Whole Foods paid for the first one in Boise, located in the east end of Julia Davis Park. Three more are in the following locations:

• The entrance to Boise Bicycle Project, 1027 S. Lusk St.

• The north side of the Whole Foods Market Boise, 401 S. Broadway Ave.

• The Greenbelt intersection on Eckert Road east of Marianne Williams Park in the Barber Valley.

"We have always believed that Boise has the potential to be the Bicycle capital of America, and these types of collective efforts are really the things that are helping Boise reach that potential,” said Jimmy Hallyburton of the Boise Bicycle Project.