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Ada patrol car hits cow on Lake Hazel; animal’s owner may be cited

An Ada County patrol deputy avoided serious injury when a black cow walked in front of his patrol car in the middle of the night on Lake Hazel Road, ACSO reported on Facebook Wednesday.

The crash happened around 2 a.m. Monday. Deputy Lonnie Neill was driving east on Lake Hazel, between Cloverdale and Eagle roads, when his front bumper hit the cow. The cow went over the hood, broke the windshield, flipped over the roof, and shattered the back windshield.

The cow died. The car is a total loss. Neill, who was not injured, finished his shift in another vehicle.

The area where the cow collided with the car is not designated as open range, so the owner of the cow may be liable. No citation has been issued at this point, ACSO reports, but Boise police sent information about the crash to the county prosecutor’s office.

Once that process is complete, and if it is determined the animal's owner is liable, the Ada County Risk Management division will seek financial restitution for what the car was worth at the time of the crash.

People who own livestock in an established herding district which is not open range are civilly liable when those animals damage property, according to Idaho Code.