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Boise councilman scraps ban on fast-food near high schools

Boise City Councilman T.J. Thomson said in a Facebook post Friday that he’ll keep pursuing his “Healthy Initiatives 2.0” proposal, except for the part that would have banned new fast food restaurants within 1,000 feet of high schools in Boise.

Here’s a detailed look at those proposals.

Here’s Thomson’s Facebook post:

“After performing additional research and gaining valued input from health experts, colleagues and constituents, I will not be pursuing any limitation on fast food restaurants surrounding Boise high schools as part of my 'Healthy Initiatives 2.0'. The work I am performing is not meant to be symbolic; but rather, it is meant to be effective in benefiting children’s health. As a result of newly obtained information, I do not believe that limiting new fast food restaurants around high schools will help to achieve my ultimate goal of reducing childhood obesity rates within the city. I remain committed to children's health and finding community-based solutions to address the childhood obesity epidemic in the years ahead.

“The other components of my proposed initiatives will continue forward as part of an open, public dialogue: Initiatives aimed at improving healthy options at city-run establishments; integrating positive messages for kids on city bus benches within school zones; improving access for low-income families to fresh, local fruits & vegetables at mobile farmers markets; integrating healthy decision making into new, city-initiated projects, such as libraries and fire stations; and, updating Blueprint Boise to reflect our commitment to healthy children. With these new initiatives, along with our prior success to integrate healthy initiatives into Boise child care utilizing a market-based approach, we can continue moving forward to make Boise the Healthiest City in America.”