Boise & Garden City

Owl rescued from Boise intersection will be fine

Last week, it was Eagle firefighters rescuing ducks.

Thursday, Boise police took time for an owl in distress near the intersection of Curtis and Overland roads.

A person passing by the critter called police to alert them to the apparently injured animal, according to a post on the Boise Police Department’s Facebook page.

Officer Ryan Buzzini picked the owl up and transported it to the Idaho Humane Society.

The small owl is now in the care of an animal rehabilitation expert with Rockwell Raptor Rescue. She reports that the owl is stable and should be healthy enough to be released into the wild in two or three days.

The bird is a nearly full-grown Western screech owl, a species that is pretty common around Idaho. He appears to have trauma to his head, which may have happened during hunting.