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Easter morning at Lizard Butte

Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of more than 500 people who came to Lizard Butte to observe Easter morning at sunrise.

“All these people, dedicated to the Lord,” says Connie Hill. “Who came up in the rain and stayed here.”

The annual sunrise service has been a tradition since 1938 and has been canceled only twice — in 2007 and 1969 — because of much heavier rain. Sunday’s cold and rain was a factor in attendance; normally 1,400 people are expected.

“We come every year,” says Ron Crowe, from Caldwell, with his two children and mother. “To praise God, right? Isn’t that why everybody is here?”

The service format is as much a tradition as everything else, beginning with a bugle call, the appearance of two angels at the foot of the cross atop the butte and scripture reading. Generally, the service begins as the sun rises, but this Easter, clouds cleared away only after the service ended.

“It’s a really good start to Easter day,” says Mercy Barrett. “To see the sun with fellow believers.”