Boise & Garden City

Boise State study shows artists want to stay in region

A study released this week shows that Boise has a vibrant cultural scene, but points to gaps in artistic opportunities, especially among emerging artists.

The comprehensive study from Boise State University professors surveyed more than 500 artists from a variety of disciplines. Visual artists, designers, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers and theater artists were all surveyed.

Boise State theater arts professor Leslie Durham co-authored the paper. Along with community and regional planning professor Amanda Ashley, Durham was interested in understanding what the creative workforce in Boise looks like.

“We found a large group of highly trained, artistically successful workers who struggle to make a living,” Durham says. “And yet, they are really committed to this place. They love Boise; they’ve been here for a long time – they want to make their home here – they want to make their art here.”

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