Boise & Garden City

Dog off-leash season ends in Boise’s Ann Morrison Park

With soccer and ultimate Frisbee teams starting to practice, the city Parks and Recreation Department is no longer allowing dogs to be off-leash in Ann Morrison Park.

Dogs are still welcome in the park, but they need to be kept on leashes, Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Amy Stahl said.

Starting Nov. 1, for the third year in a row, the city allowed dogs to run off-leash in the park. The idea is to chase off Canada geese that winter in the park and cause health and safety concerns. The program is popular with dog owners and has had some success at addressing the park’s goose population.

The city has also used coyote decoys and addled goose eggs in an effort to curb the number of geese in the park, but those have had limited success.

Parks and Recreation operates four designated dog parks and an additional seven multi-use parks with year-round off-leash hours. Visit this website to learn more about dog-friendly areas in the city, or call the Parks Administration Office at (208) 608-7600.