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Boise’s oldest family cabin gets much-needed maintenance

The O’Farrell cabin, built in 1863, underwent a full restoration in 2002, but got maintenance this October with help from the City of Boise and contractors under Heritage Preservation Resources.

Joseph Gallagher, of HPR, works on restorations all over the country. But, the O’Farrell cabin is particularly important to him since Boise is his home town.

“People knew that it needed some work done on it, and in 2002 some private funds were raised in conjunction with Parks and Rec. Some restoration work was done,” he said. “What we're doing now is tweaking that a little bit to make sure that this building...stands up for quite a bit of time. Right now it needed a lot of work.”

His team replaced three logs, and moved others around to ensure the stability of the structure. They also are coating the building with a borate solution to prevent the spread of fungus and mildew, he said.

Gallagher said he and his team value historical work at a personal level.

“They value history. They think it's important to be able to feel and touch historic buildings, historic structures,” he said. “It's important to be able to lay your hands on this building.”

Boise's oldest wood house, the O'Farrell Cabin, was built in 1863 and saved in 1912, in one of the city's earliest...

Posted by Preservation Idaho on Tuesday, October 13, 2015