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Wife of Barcelona terror victim tells Statesman: He ‘was so full of kindness and love’

Jared Tucker was a victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Tucker, 42, and his wife Heidi Nunes-Tucker, 40, were from Lafayette, California, according to the AP.
Jared Tucker was a victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Tucker, 42, and his wife Heidi Nunes-Tucker, 40, were from Lafayette, California, according to the AP.

Boise resident Carissa Steinburg is one of many family members mourning the death of Jared Tucker, killed in Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona, Spain.

Steinburg is Tucker’s niece. Tucker, a father of three, and his wife, Heidi Nunes-Tucker, were celebrating their one-year anniversary in Spain.

Nunes-Tucker told the Statesman on Friday night from Barcelona that the couple had just finished having drinks at an outdoor cafe when they got up to look at a nearby kiosk. Her husband said he was going to the bathroom and within 30 seconds, all hell broke loose, she said.

“People were screaming and running and crying,” she said. “I got shoved into the kiosk, but it ended up being good for me because it sort of protected me.”

About three or four other people were in the kiosk with her, she said.

Tucker, 42, and Nunes-Tucker, 40, are from Lafayette, Calif. As of Friday, he was the only American identified as a casualty in the attack.

Nunes-Tucker said that during the attack, she was yelling for her husband, but the two got separated in the chaos.

“The irony of this attack goes deep because it was so full of hatred and Jared was so full of kindness and love,” she said.

Tucker had three daughters and Nunes-Tucker has one son.

“Jared was probably the most beautifully, wonderfully, fun-spirited and easygoing person that you could probably meet,” she said. “He was warm, he was bigger than life, and he was kind.”

The State Department released Tucker’s name Friday as a victim.

Jared Tucker’s father, Dan Tucker, later spoke at length about the incident to ABC News.

Tucker and his father worked together installing swimming pools. Scrolling through pictures on his phone in disbelief, the elder Tucker looked at Jared frolicking in the ocean at a Barcelona beach, his arms raised above his head.

“That’s him just having a ball,” his father said, choking up. “Everybody is just shocked. What are the chances?”

Nunes-Tucker was notified by the U.S. Consulate, which first showed her pictures of the victims and then took her to see his body, Tucker’s father said.

“You never in a million years think terrorism will hurt your family,” Steinburg wrote on her Facebook page Friday. “Well, I regret to inform you that my uncle Jared’s name has been released as among the deceased from the Barcelona terrorist attack yesterday. His soul mate, his daughters, and loving family are left behind in this terrible tragedy.”

She thanked a bystander who reportedly tried to save Tucker, and linked to a GoFundMe page set up to gather donations for Tucker’s family and to provide information about his death.

Thirteen people were killed in Barcelona when a van veered into a crowded promenade, while another died in a separate attack in the nearby resort town of Cambrils. As many as 100 were injured. Spanish authorities said citizens from 34 different countries were among the dead and injured.

As of Friday, authorities said the attacks were the work of a cell of at least nine extremists. Their plans also originally included the use of a bomb, but flawed construction meant the explosive went off early, destroying a home used to plan the attacks and killing at least one of the people inside it.