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Found: Boise foster dog who jumped in river to avoid unleashed dog

For a few moments on Monday afternoon, Taylor Montes thought the dog she had fostered for just two days had drowned in the Boise River.

Kira, a 2-year-old lab mix, plunged into the river after an unleashed, aggressive dog lunged at another dog that Montes and her boyfriend were walking at Ann Morrison Park.

But someone saw Kira emerge from the river and run off through the park.

Montes and Michael Ryne spent two days looking for the dog. Thanks to tips from the public, they spotted her on the east side of Ann Morrison Park on Thursday afternoon. The dog seemed to recognize her name, but she took off when they called for her. They called the Idaho Humane Society staff for help.

A woman brought her dog, Phoenix, to help draw Kira out of some brush, and they were able to get a collar on her.

Montes and Ryne got to see the dog at the shelter.

“It was miraculous. It was beautiful,” said Montes, who was heartened that the dog seemed to be recovering from the three-day trauma. “It was so good to see her. She was smiling.”

Montes said Kira will get checked out at the shelter and treated for any injuries, and then will go back to her foster home. The couple plan to adopt her.

Katy Moeller: 208-377-6413, @KatyMoeller