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Amber Alert issued for 2 missing Boise girls, dad’s truck found burned in Nevada desert

Joshua Dundon and his two daughters, Jaylynn and Madison
Joshua Dundon and his two daughters, Jaylynn and Madison

An Amber Alert has been issued for Madison and Jaylynn Dundon, two Boise girls who, along with their father, were reported missing over the weekend.

Joshua Dundon, 29, is suspected of taking 7-year-old Madison and 6-year-old Jaylynn. He’s described as a white male, 29 years old and 6 feet tall. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he may be armed. He has joint custody of the children, according to Boise Police Department, though court records show a pending child support and custody case involving Dundon. The next hearing was scheduled for June 20.

Madison Ann Dundon, 7 years and 8 months old, is a white female, 4 feet tall and 40 pounds. She has blonde or strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Her ears are pierced. Jaylynn Dawn Dundon is 6 years and 5 months old, 3-foot-6 and 35 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes, as well as a scar over her left eye and pierced ears.

They may also have a yellow pit bull with them.

Initially, police were looking for Joshua Dundon’s silver Chevrolet Silverado. That truck was found burned in a “rural” area in Eureka County, Nev., on May 11. Due to its condition, it apparently took until Monday morning for authorities to dismantle the burned truck and confirm its VIN. Authorities also found multiple sets of footprints in the area.

Witnesses on May 11 saw a man walk away from the truck and speak with a woman who was not visible but could be heard speaking. The man then walked away from the scene.

Police said the truck was burned intentionally, and several expired ammunition casings were found at the scene. Witnesses said they heard a gunshot as they approached the burning truck.

According to Eureka County Sheriff Keith Logan, the witnesses were a local couple walking in the area who noticed the truck on fire, as well as Dundon’s “suspicious behavior.” They left the area and called police.

According to Logan, police are still finding Joshua Dundon’s personal effects “hidden away in the woods” nearby. Logan said it’s possibly Dundon is still in the area, though an aerial search Monday morning found no sign of him.

“He’s prepared for, based on the amount of ammunition he has, something greater than we already are dealing with,” Logan said.

He added that police have found “not a single sign of injury or a blood trail” at the scene.

“But we’re very worried, and we would rest a whole lot easier if we could find these two young ladies,” Logan said.

Police said Joshua is known to use illicit drugs and has recently made threatening statements to himself. He also has a history of suicidal statements.

It’s not known whether they’re traveling in another vehicle, but Joshua Dundon may have a small dirt bike or motorcycle with him in the truck.

According to the Amber Alert, the Dundons were seen in Eureka County, though it’s not clear when they were seen. They reportedly were last seen in Idaho about 10 a.m. May 10, when Joshua Dundon checked the girls out of their elementary school. He reportedly told witnesses he planned to take the children camping near Arrow Rock Reservoir.

“We have received many tips, and detectives spent the weekend following up on them,” Boise police spokeswoman Haley Williams said Monday morning. “They are still missing.”

Anyone with information about the family’s whereabouts and welfare is asked to call 208-373-5411 or 911.