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Driver who crashed into Boise hydrant, light pole accused of drunken driving

David Rickard
David Rickard

A weekend car crash left a minefield of debris on a sidewalk near a Boise elementary school, making travel in the area tricky for some on Monday.

David L. Rickard, a 42-year-old Boise man, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after the 5 a.m. crash Sunday near Riverside Elementary School.

Police said Rickard was driving east on ParkCenter Boulevard when he swerved off the road and struck a fire hydrant and light pole. Rickard declined medical care at the scene.

Responding officers detected signs of intoxication, so they conducted multiple field sobriety tests, police said. Rickard also did a breathalyzer test that measured his blood-alcohol content at .119 and .107, above the legal driving limit of .08. Rickard was booked into the Ada County jail on suspicion of DUI.

Rickard, who is out on bond, has pleaded not guilty to the charge. A pretrial conference date is set for 2:15 p.m. June 5.

The crash debris blocked the sidewalk in front of Riverside Elementary on Monday morning. The area has since been cleaned up, said Lisa Brady, a bike commuter.

Boise police did not have an estimate for the cost of infrastructure repairs needed following the crash. Replacing the street light will cost about $4,500, according to Mike Journee, a city spokesman. He did not yet have an estimate on the cost of the fire hydrant repair or replacement.

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