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Right before Christmas, Meridian family’s lottery ticket nets them $250,000

John Driskell, of Meridian, won $250,000 from a scratch ticket Friday.
John Driskell, of Meridian, won $250,000 from a scratch ticket Friday.

The family’s Christmas list “got a little bit longer,” said John Driskell who won $250,000 off the Huge Cash Game Scratch ticket from the Eagle Island Fred Meyer Friday, according to an Idaho Lottery press release.

Driskell had just dropped his son off for school and went out to shop for Christmas presents. He also picked up the scratch ticket, and saw that he was a winner, but didn’t realize just how much he had won, according to the release.

“At first I thought it was just a $25 winner. Then I scanned it with the Lottery check-a-ticket app on my phone. It said I was a winner and needed to call the Lottery, so I thought maybe it was a $2,500 winner,” Driskell told the Idaho Lottery. “I called my wife and asked her to come home and meet me because we had a prize we had to pick up. I didn’t tell her I’d just won $250,000 playing the Lottery.”

She didn’t realize what type of prize they had won until, after picking their son up from school, they drove to the Lottery’s Boise office, according to the release.

“When my husband told me we had a prize to pick up, I thought it was an Xbox from one of the radio stations. Then he turned and drove into the parking lot at the Lottery,” Kristen Driskell told the Idaho Lottery. “I thought it said $25,000, but then I really looked and it said $250,000.”

The couple plans to invest some money in their son’s college fund — and also do some more Christmas shopping, according to the release.

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