Boise & Garden City

Syringa Valley construction could begin next year

Virtually all of the dozens of neighbors who testified at City Hall Tuesday night spoke against to Syringa Valley, a 2,000-home development that will include schools, a city park and a commercial corridor southwest of the Boise Airport.

Surprisingly, though, many were not flatly opposed to the project in any form. Some even said they like the plans, but they think more infrastructure, such as a more robust road network, safer pedestrian crossings and a new fire station are needed before houses are built and people start moving in.

As in past hearings on Syringa Valley, the primary concern voiced Tuesday was traffic, which people who regularly drive South Cole road say is terrible already. One woman called it "abominable."

Boise City Council members said they're concerned with the traffic in the area, too. Council President Elaine Clegg said she thinks new roads that developer CBH Homes must build before breaking ground on most of its project will help spread out some of the traffic that's concentrating on Cole now.

The council unanimously approved the concept for all of Syringa Valley on Tuesday and the layout of the first phase, a 452-home subdivision known as Kirsten Subdivision.

CBH hopes to start building homes late next year and finish up extensions of Lake Hazel Road and Orchard Street by the end of May 2018.