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Police can’t find owners of 2 dogs that mauled Boise woman, pet

A vicious attack by two loose dogs in a Boise neighborhood early this year left a 68-year-old woman and her dog with scars — and a lingering fear that it could happen again.

Neither the attacking dogs’ owners nor the dogs themselves have been held accountable.

“Unfortunately, a positive suspect was not identified so no charges were ever filed in relation to that incident,” Boise City Prosecutor Denyce Thompson-Udink told the Statesman.

The attack occurred Feb. 24 on a sidewalk on Aurora Drive, which is between Borah High School and Borah Park.

One of the dogs — described by the victim as 50-pound pit bulls — had a death grip on the neck of the smaller of her two yellow labs. In desperation, she reached into the dog’s mouth to pry it open. She had to do that over and over to free her dog.

A neighbor who saw a man and woman flee in a car with the vicious dogs was able to chase the car down and get a license plate number. The victim, who does not want to be identified publicly, said officials told her the suspects were living in Pocatello but have since moved.

The victim said her 7-year-old dog, who suffered a 6-inch gash on her neck and other bite wounds, has recovered “wonderfully” and is “back to her old self.”

She’s back to walking her dogs every day but she now takes precautions. She always carries a sock filled with nuts and bolts, and she said neighbors who walk dogs in her neighborhood are carrying other weapons.

“I always pray for safety before the walk,” she told the Statesman recently. “It is still somewhat unsettling for me to go for the walk. I don’t know how long it will take to walk without some fear, but we keep walking.”

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