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Boise panel recommends Syringa Valley approval, with caveat

Boise’s Planning and Zoning commissioners added a condition Monday meant to head off traffic problems in Syringa Valley to their recommendation to approve the first phase of building in the 2,000-home residential and commercial project.

The condition, proposed by Commissioner Jennifer Stevens and confirmed by her fellow panel members, would allow only 170 houses to be constructed at first. After that, the city would review traffic volume in the area around the Southwest Boise subdivision to assess the effect of the new homes.

Stevens’ condition was a clear response to dozens of complaints from people who already live or regularly drive in the area of South Cole Road around the Lake Hazel Road Intersection. Since Syringa Valley was first proposed, those people have protested loudly, saying the traffic is already bad and adding hundreds or thousands of new homes will make it disastrous.

The developer, CBH Homes, is required to build new roads in the area to relieve some of that pressure, but many neighbors aren’t convinced that will make much of a difference.

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision Monday was only a recommendation. The City Council will make the final decision on whether to approve the project and, if so, which conditions will be attached to that approval. It’s unclear when the council will take up the matter.