Nampa man gets 27 years for infant abuse

Isaac M. Hernandez
Isaac M. Hernandez

A Nampa man will spend up to 27 years in prison after neglecting and abusing his 3-month-old infant, according to a Canyon County news release.

Isaac M. Hernandez, 26, pleaded guilty in June to three counts of felony injury to a child as part of a plea deal, prosecutors say. Judge George A. Southworth sentenced Hernandez to seven years on the first count and 10 years for each additional count. Hernandez will be eligible for parole after seven years. He was also ordered to pay court costs for each charge.

Hernandez was arrested in July 2015 after Caldwell Police Department investigated the child’s death. Medical reports showed the child suffered 26 total broken ribs, numerous leg fractures, a torn frenulum and bruises over his body. Officials, who were unable to determine a cause of death, said the infant gained only 2.2 pounds since birth as a result of neglect throughout his entire life.

Judge Southworth told Hernandez during sentencing that “this is one of the saddest and worst cases of child abuse that I have ever seen in well over 30 years of practicing law. I’ve never come across so many instances of abuse and such severe abuse of an infant.”