Canyon County Rep. Gayle Batt will not seek re-election

Rep. Gayle Batt, R-Wilder, has announced she will not seek a fourth term as Canyon County’s District 11 representative.

“I came to the legislature in 2011 to ‘do,’ not to ‘become.’ As an advocate of term limits, I set a personal limit of six years’ service. My voting record is clear; the votes that I cast were not made for the purpose of getting re-elected. I believe only when one is free from self-preservation are they truly free to serve others,” Batt said in a news release. “I look forward to serving out the remainder of my term which expires in November of 2016.”

Batt said she decided to make this announcement six months in advance of the 2016 primary candidate filing period to give residents in her district time to find candidates.

“Such decisions require prayerful, timely consideration as well as financial, family and business planning,” she said.