After short stay at Boise’s Gowen Field, F-15Es will return to Mountain Home

The 54 F-15E fighter jets that arrived in Boise early this month are scheduled to start heading back to Mountain Home Air Force Base on Monday.

The last departures are scheduled to take place around Aug. 27.

The jets are temporarily stationed at Gowen Field while the runway at Mountain Home is under construction, according to a news release from the Idaho Air National Guard. That project is on schedule, according to the release.

As of Aug. 18, 256 take-offs and landings had been completed, more than doubling the area’s normal activity by military aircraft.

“We are keenly aware that this number of sorties is unprecedented. We’re very thankful we’ve received such great support from the community. It’s been louder than we’re used to but we appreciate the patience and understanding from our citizens, especially those around the airport,” said Col. Tim Donnellan, commander of the 124th Fighter Wing.

Donnellan said this type of training is invaluable to the Idaho Air National Guard and the active Air Force.

“Our A-10s and F-15s have been conducting flights out of Gowen Field this month without serious incident. This type of experience enables us to increase our own interoperability for when it really counts — during combat operations,” he said.

For public inquiries and noise concerns, a special phone line has been established to address the public’s needs: 208-422-5653.