How to fold and display the American flag

If you want to refresh your knowledge of proper flag etiquette before displaying the American flag this Fourth of July, read on.

We recently met with members of the Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard and consulted The American Legion’s website for information.

Although how to fold the flag is not in the official federal statute called the Flag Code that governs its display, the tradition of a triangular-shaped fold has developed over time.

To make this fold, follow the steps in the video below:

Guidelines for displaying the U.S. flag

Tradition and the Flag Code also detail how the flag should be handled and displayed. Here are some pointers:

Keep it off the ground

Care should be taken when handling the flag so that it does not touch the ground. Be especially careful when raising and lowering the flag.

Light up the flag at night

It is customary to fly a flag from sunrise to sunset. If a flag is to be flown at night it must be illuminated.

Also, the flag should not be displayed in inclement weather unless an all-weather flag is used.

Fix ripped flags

Flags with small tears can be mended and kept in use.

Destroy worn flags properly

If a flag is tattered or worn, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.