Memorial Day meant helping tidy Boise graves for these families

Nearly the whole Turner family came to Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise for a Memorial Day visit, flowers in hand and cleaning supplies in tow.

Dick Turner and his son, Brian, planted petunias at the graves of Dick’s aunts and uncles, while Dick’s granddaughter, Avia Turner, 4, helped tidy up nearby graves. Dick’s grandson, Liam Turner, 7, toted water for cleaning the stones.

This is the second year the children made the visit. “Then they can ask questions and find out about their great-great-grandparents and grand-uncles and aunts,” Dick said. “There’s a lot of history up here.”

The family came from Ireland to Boise by way of Richfield, Idaho, in the 1800s.

Though Erin Maskalick and her family, including Owen, 5, don’t have relatives in the area, they came to Morris Hill Cemetery to put flags on military graves. “He’s old enough to understand,” Erin said. “He knows that I’m in the military and Papa used to be; that sometimes it’s dangerous, but it’s important.” She fights back tears. “I’m incredibly patriotic.” They brought a dozen flags this year, but next year they plan to bring more.