Dog owner not to be cited after his dog was involved in a fatal Boise motorcycle accident

A dog owner will not be cited for allegedly violating Boise's leash law when a motorcyclist died after colliding with a dog in February, according to the Boise City Prosecutor's Office.

Matthew Bacon, 29, a soon-to-be father, died at the scene of the crash on Camas Street, west of Cole Road.

The Rottweiler involved in the accident died on the scene as well. The dog's owner, Rick Bogue, said while the dog wasn't on a leash, he was trying to pull the dog up on the curb by its collar when it was hit by the motorcycle. Off-lease violations carry a fine of $25.

Bacon first hit the dog, lost control and struck a parked Toyota pickup. Investigators determined Bacon had been going 46 mph when he hit the pickup, which moved 25 feet after impact. Toxicology tests also showed Bacon blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, and that he was impaired by other drugs. The motorcycle's braking ability may have also been reduced due to a grease leak on the front wheel.