Utah man cited for gun in carry-on at Boise Airport

A .40-caliber semi-automatic Berretta pistol confiscated from a carry-on bag at the Boise Airport Sunday was loaded with 11 rounds, including one in the chamber, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Matthew McCray, a 59-year-old Utah man, was cited and released, a Boise police spokeswoman said. The gun was seized as evidence.

McCray had a ticket to fly to the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport via Salt Lake City International.

The gun seized Sunday was the third firearm found in a carry-on bag at the Boise Airport this year. Nationwide, more than 650 guns have been found in carry-on luggage so far this year.

Guns may be legally transported in checked bagagge if the traveler declares them to the airline during the check-in process. They must be unloaded and stored in locked, hard-sided containers.

For more information on transporting firearms, read this TSA Web site.