Boise River flows to increase May 1

The Bureau of Reclamation will be increasing flows from Lucky Peak Dam on Friday and Saturday, May 1 and 2.

Currently, the Boise River flow is approximately 700 cubic feet per second at the Glenwood Bridge gauging station. On Friday this flow will be increased approximately 500 cfs, with an additional 200 cfs increase on Saturday. By the end of Saturday flows will be approximately 1,400 cfs through the city of Boise.

The public is asked to use caution when recreating on or near the river as flows will be higher than in recent weeks and water temperatures are still very cold.

The Bureau of Reclamation is increasing the flows to provide additional water for salmon migration in the lower Snake and Columbia rivers. Boise River flows will remain at this higher level through most of May, with a return to normal mid-summer irrigation levels of about 700 cfs near the end of the month.