Boise man at Everest base camp unhurt by quake

Boise mountaineer Charlie Linville was unhurt in the earthquake in Nepal and is currently at Everest base camp preparing for his second attempt to climb the mountain, according to The Heroes Project, which is sponsoring his climb.

“Everyone on our team is safe after the devastating earthquake that occurred near Katmandu,” The Heroes Project reported on Facebook. “We are safe once again at base camp on the north side of Everest. All teams around us on the Tibetan side are OK.”

Linville was at Everest base camp last spring when an avalanche killed 16 sherpas. The Heroes Project team left base camp after that tragedy without attempting to the climb the mountain.

The Heroes Project has guided soldiers and Marines to the top of six of the seven tallest peaks on each continent. Last year, Linville was tapped to climb Everest, which is the last summit remaining to be climbed by wounded servicemen sponsored by The Heroes Project. Linville lost a foot and several fingers from an explosion while serving as a bomb disposal expert in Aghanistan in 2011.