Idaho Statesman wins top Press Club awards

Statesman photographer Katherine Jones
Statesman photographer Katherine Jones N/A

The winners of the Idaho Press Club awards were announced Saturday in Boise, and the Idaho Statesman cleaned up.

The Pinnacle Awards, given to the news organizations with the most winning entries, went to the Statesman (daily print), the Idaho Mountain Express (weekly print) and KTVB Channel 7 (broadcast). The Statesman also won the general excellence award, the top honor for daily newspapers.

Idaho Statesman photojournalist Katherine Jones was named the print reporter of the year. Jones picked up seven awards, including first-place honors for magazine photography, her “Heart of the Treasure Valley” column, and her multimedia reporting on the “Boise to Gorongosa” project. The Statesman’s Bill Roberts was runner-up.

Business reporter Audrey Dutton won 11 awards, including five first-place honors. She won the top prize for special coverage for her work on the antitrust lawsuits against St. Luke’s Health System. Jones’ Gorongosa coverage earned her second-place honors for special coverage.



Daily print — 1. Idaho Statesman, 2. Idaho Press-Tribune, 3. Twin Falls Times-News

Weekly print — 1. Idaho Mountain Express, 2. Idaho Business Review

Magazine — 1. Teton Valley Magazine Summer, 2. Blot Magazine (University of Idaho), 3. Living Healthy (Idaho Statesman)

TV — Division A: 1. KBOI-TV, 2. KIVI/KNIN, 3. KTVB. Division B: 1. KIDK, 2. KMVT, 3. KIFI.

Pinnacle Award (most winning entries) — Daily: The Idaho Statesman. Weekly: Idaho Mountain Express. Television: KTVB Channel 7

Reporter of the year (print) — 1. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman; 2. Bill Roberts, Idaho Statesman; 3. Clark Corbin, Idaho Education News

Reporter of the year (broadcast) — 1. Karen Zatkulak, KTVB; 2. Melissa Davlin – Idaho Public Television; 3. Jason Carter, KMVT

First Amendment award — Kevin Richert, Idaho Education News, “Those destroyed State Board applications.”

Special coverage — 1. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “Secrecy in Idaho hospital antitrust trial”; 2. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, “Boise to Gorongosa”; 3. Kevin Richert, Idaho Education News, “Idaho’s broadband network coverage”



General news story – 1. Becky Kramer and Scott Maben, The Spokesman-Review, “Oil by Rail”; 2. Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman, “What does a death investigator do? (Hint: It's not like on TV)”; 3. Brian Smith, Times-News, “Wolf War Renews as Big Money Flows”; Honorable mention, Torrie Cope, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Nampa dentist office provides safe haven”

Spot news coverage — 1. Jon Alexander, Times-News, “Bowe is Coming Home”; 2. Mychel Matthews, Times-News, “Waterworld”; 3. Kristin Rodine, Idaho Statesman, “Gowen Field Helicopter Crash”

Watchdog/investigative report — 1. Rocky Barker and Cynthia Sewell, Idaho Statesman; “Gov. Otter and Corrections Corporation of America”; 2. Kelcie Moseley, Idaho Press Tribune, ‘Inside campaign finance”; 3. Sven Berg, Idaho Statesman, “How much should firefighters make?”

Serious feature – 1. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “Kids these days: Idaho millennials worse off”; 2. Becky Kramer, The Spokesman-Review, “Coal quandary”; 3. Brian Smith, Times-News, “A light through the darkness”

Light feature — 1. Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman, “Friends, family rally to help Boise man continue Halloween tradition”; 2. Jordan Gray, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Drawing Up Laughs”; 3. John Sowell, Idaho Statesman, “Paella for the people — Basque and otherwise”; Honorable mention Kristin Rodine, Idaho Statesman, “ Family, friend of WWII pilot from Caldwell sketch in his life”

Series — 1. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, and Emilie Ritter Saunders, KBSX, “In Crisis: Idaho’s fragmented mental health system”; 2. Staff, Idaho-Press Tribune, “Getting from Here to There”; 3. Alison Smith, Times-News, “Domestic violence in the Magic Valley”

Outdoor feature — 1. Bill Manny, Idaho Statesman, “Return to Idaho’s Bighorn Crags”; 2. Virginia Hutchins, Times-News, “Poached Deer and Duck Hunt Rules: A Fish and Game Officer’s Day”; 3. Roger Phillips, Idaho Statesman, “Montana’s Smith River is a cool, scenic spring float”

Sports news coverage – 1. Bruce Mason – Idaho Press-Tribune, “Out of Reach”; 2. Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman, “Farrington wins gold”; 3. Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman, “That dude’s a fighter”

Sports feature— 1. Bruce Mason, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Inseparable”; 2. Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman, “One goal and one fear”; 3. B.J. Rains, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Ajayi faces obstacles, overcomes at BSU”; Honorable mention, Nick Ruland, Times-News, “Breakthrough at Canyon Ridge”

Sports prep story — 1. Rachel Roberts, Idaho Statesman, “Idaho’s little superstar’’; 2. Bradley Guire, Idaho Press-Tribune, “No Fear: Nampa’s Jardine sisters may cower from movie monsters but not new hoops competition”; 3. Rachel Roberts, Idaho Statesman, “Capital Gurkhas”

General column— 1. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, “Heart of the Treasure Valley”; 2. Jordan Gray, Idaho Press-Tribune, “2C Etc.”

Specialty column — 1. Jon Alexander, Times-News; 2. Roger Phillips, Idaho Statesman, “Into the Outdoors”; 3. Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman, “Rocky Barker Letters from the West”; Honorable mention, John Wustrow, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Wustrow on the Broncos”

Editorial — 1. Jon Alexander, Times-News; 2. Phil Bridges, Idaho Press Tribune

Headlines — 1. Staff, Idaho Statesman

Page design — 1. Lindsie Bergevin, Idaho Statesman; 2. Randy Lavorante, Glen Bruderer, Idaho Press-Tribune

Spot news photography — 1. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Wedding death”; 2. Stephen Reiss, Times-News, “Swat”; 3. Drew Nash, Times-News, “Wildfire”

Feature photography – 1. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “4H Pig”; 2. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Ballet Dancer”; 3. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Autism Stormtrooper”

General news photography —1. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Same Sex Adoption Hearing”; 2. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Homeless Family”; 3. Stephen Reiss, The Times-News, “Family”

Sports photography — 1. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Down Syndrome Baseball Celebration”; 2. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Bull Rider”; 3. Drew Nash, Times-News, “Cheerleader”; Honorable mention, Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Cross Country Runners”

Photo essay – 1. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Roller derby”; 2. Kyle Green, Idaho Statesman, “Finished Line”; 3. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, “Curling”; Honorable mention, Drew Nash, Times-News, “A year on the range”

Graphics — 1. Patrick Davis, Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman, “Snake River, aquifer work together as one system”; 2. Lindsie Bergevin, Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “Where the candidates spend their money”; 3. Sara Wren, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Chess on Ice”; Honorable mention, Lindsie Bergevin, Sven Berg, Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Jump ahead”

Arts / entertainment reporting – 1. Dana Oland, Idaho Statesman, “Is it art or is it craft? Two Boise Art Museum exhibits blur the line”; 2. Dana Oland, Idaho Statesman, “Artistic duo draws on ‘A Garden of Creativity.’ ”

Political reporting — 1. Sven Berg, Idaho Statesman, “Congressional campaign puts Bryan Smith’s career in spotlight”; 2. Cynthia Sewell, Idaho Statesman, “Education of Emily Walton”; 3. Kimberlee Kruesi, The Associated Press, “Infighting bogs down Idaho Republican convention”; Honorable mention, Kimberlee Kruesi, Times-News, “43 gay rights protesters arrested in Capitol”

Education reporting — 1. Kelcie Moseley, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Budgets Lack Backstop”; 2. Julie Wootton, Times-News, “Schools Struggle to Find Teachers”; 3. Bill Roberts, Idaho Statesman, “Long Fix-it List for 88-year-old Notus Elementary School”

Business reporting — 1. Zach Kyle, Idaho Statesman, “The Shah of Boise Software”; 2. Audrey Dutton, Zach Kyle and Patrick Davis, Idaho Statesman, “New grocers bring price competition to Boise”; 3. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman and KBSX, “What St. Luke’s and Blue Cross didn’t want you to know”

Agriculture reporting — 1. Zach Kyle, Idaho Statesman; “Sugar beet to sugar bag”; 2. Zach Kyle, Idaho Statesman, “Eyes in the sky”; 3. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “The Idaho family farm endures, for now”

Crime/courts reporting — 1. Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman, “A Boise family seeks peace, justice after fatal collision”; 2. John Sowell, Idaho Statesman, “Arrowrock Road crashes”; 3. Sven Berg, Idaho Statesman, “‘Dixie’ lyrics lead to overturned conviction”; Honorable mention, John Funk, Idaho Press-Tribune, “Breach of Trust”

Religion reporting – 1. Anna Webb, Idaho Statesman, “Grounds with a higher calling: Nonprofit shop supports missions”; 2. Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman, “Community harmony in Emmett for Christmas production”; 3. Anna Webb, Idaho Statesman, “Boise church bell was lost, and now it’s found”

Environment reporting — 1. Becky Kramer, The Spokesman Review, “A Study in Survival”; 2. Virginia Hutchins, Times-News, “Nighttime Abductions Vital to Sage Grouse Research”; 3. Brian Smith, Times-News, “From the Ground Up”

Health/medical reporting – 1. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “When the insurance company first says no”; 2. Bobby Atkinson, Idaho Press Tribune, “Living with Alzheimer’s”; 3. Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman, “Stuck in the Medicaid Gap”; Honorable mention, Anna Webb, Idaho Statesman, “Early-onset Alzheimer’s”

Special section — 1. Idaho Statesman, “ Idaho Statesman 150: Honoring the heritage and history of 150 years of the Idaho Statesman”; 2. Times-News, “100 Objects of the Magic Valley”; 3. Idaho Statesman “Then and Now”


Serious feature — 1. Dusty Parnell, Idaho Statesman, Living Healthy, November/December; 2. Dusty Parnell, Idaho Statesman, Treasure Magazine, May 2014; 3. Claire Whitley, University of Idaho Student Media, Bolt Magazine

Light feature — 1. Amber Emery, University of Idaho Student Media, Blot Magazine, “A balancing act”; 2. Dana Oland, Idaho Statesman, November/December Living Healthy, “Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison speaks out about diabetes”; 3. Allison Maier, Idaho Statesman, Treasure Magazine, August 2014, “‘New age of exercise’ helping you decipher all the new fitness classes”

Single photo —1. David Betts, University of Idaho Student Media, “Animal photo”

Photo essay — 1. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, “Living Healthy March/April 2014, “Get out of your exercise rut”; 2. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Treasure house for February 2014”; 3. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “Holiday house for November 2014 Treasure Magazine”

Magazine column — 1. Holly Anderson, Idaho Statesman, “Editor’s letter in November 2014 Treasure”

Magazine cover — 1. Lindsie Bergevin, Kyle Green, Holly Anderson, Idaho Statesman, “Living Healthy November and December 2014: National Diabetes Awareness Month”; 2. Lindsie Bergevin, Katherine Jones, Holly Anderson, Idaho Statesman, “Living Healthy March and April 2014: Break out of your exercise rut”; 3. University of Idaho Student Media, Blot Cover


Website general excellence (daily) — 1. Idaho Press Tribune, 2. Idaho Statesman, 3. The Ketchum Keystone

Website general excellence (weekly) — 1. Meridian Press; 2. Idaho Business Review; 3. Idaho Mountain Express

Website general excellence (TV) — 1. KTVB, 2. KIVI/KNIN, 3. KMVTm Honorable mention, KBOI-TV

Website general excellence (radio) — 1. Staff, KBSX, Boise State Public Radio

Website general excellence (online only) — 1. Idaho Education News

Website special purpose (online-only program) — 1. Jennifer Swindell, Clark Corbin, Kevin Richert, Idaho Education News, “Idaho ED Trends”

Website special purpose (daily) — 1. Audrey Dutton, Nate Poppino, Idaho Statesman, “In Crisis”; 2. Brian Smith, Kyle Hansen, Virginia Hutchins, Times-News, “40th Anniversary of Evel Knievel’s Canyon Jump”; 3. Roger Phillips, Pete Zimowsky, Idaho Statesman, “Idaho Outdoors”

Web graphics — 1. Darin Oswald, Lindsie Bergevin, Sven Berg, Anna Webb, Idaho Statesman; “A Tower Is Born: The Rise of Boise’s Eighth and Main”; 2. Michael Deeds, Audrey Dutton, Patrick Davis, Idaho Statesman, ‘Who brews the most beer in Idaho?”

Online news or features story, video — 1. Dave Southorn, Idaho Statesman, “Boise State basketball media day”; 2. Jason Carter, Matt Hartgrave, KMVT, “Between the Barrels”; 3. Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman, “The Rise of 8th and Main”; Honorable mention, Dave Staats, Idaho Statesman, “Why the Shoe Guy Left the Mall”

Best use of social media — 1. KTVB, 2. Idaho Education News, 3. Idaho Public Television, Outdoor Idaho Facebook page; Honorable mention, Idaho Statesman, Boise State athletics coverage on Twitter

Online-only video program — 1. Joan Cartan-Hansen, Al Hagenlock, Idaho Public Television, Science Trek: The Web Show: States of Matter

Best blog — 1. Drew Nash, Stephen Reiss, Times-News, “Between the Frames”; 2. Kevin Richert, Idaho Education News, “The EDge”; 3. Jay Tust, KTVB, “7SportsLive”; Honorable mention, Betsy Z. Russell, The Spokesman-Review, “Eye on Boise”

Multimedia reporting — 1. Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, “At Zoo Boise, seeing animals in captivity leads to saving animals in the wild”; 2. Emilie Ritter Saunders, KBSX, “Why It’s Tough To Track What Lobbyists Give To Idaho Lawmakers”; 3. Scott Stuntz, Teton Valley News, “Everest”

Best use of interactivity — 1. Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman, “Football chats”; 2. Nate Poppino, Idaho Statesman, “Election night chats”; 3. Emilie Ritter Saunders, KBSX, “Quiz: Do You Know the Difference Between Idaho and Iowa?”; Honorable mention, Dani Allsop, Jaynee Nielsen, KTVB, “KTVB High School Sports Polls”