What is the Idaho Newsreader?

You are, no doubt, getting accustomed to the fact that IdahoStatesman.com, the largest and most frequently-updated Web site in southwest Idaho, is your best source for news and events in the Treasure Valley. Now we're ready to give you even more.

Every weekday morning around 9 a.m., IdahoStatesman.com will be posting the Idaho Newsreader with news and information about what's going on outside of the Treasure Valley in both Idaho and the Northwest.

We'll be giving you a quick-read summary of Idaho happenings and what's being said about Idaho across the information superhighway.

We won't be focusing on just the news of the day, although there will be some of that. We'll also be telling you what everyone from bloggers to talking heads to late show hosts are saying about the Gem State.

The Newsreader won't be rehashing stories on IdahoStatesman.com, although it will make reference to some of them.

How’s this different from a news aggregator like Google News or topix.net? Well, mainly it's being produced by a real person with real news judgment -- not a computer.

That real person is David Parker, the Idaho Statesman's Scene and Idaho Outdoors editor, who was an online editor for many years prior to joining the Statesman's staff.

But we're hoping the Idaho Newsreader isn't just the product of one person. We want this to be as interactive as possible, so we'll need your help. Got a cool link to something about Idaho? Or news about Idaho from an obscure source? We want to know about it.

Whether you use the Idaho Newsreader as a jumping off point for IdahoStatesman.com or for other sites on the Web, we just want you to use it. We're doing this for you, so let us know if there's anything we can do to improve it.

Vicki Gowler, editor, Idaho Statesman