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When I saw the photo in Sunday’s Idaho Statesman of the cat treeing the bear, I thought: “My cat could do that.”

After all, he’s driven out pretty much every visitor I’ve ever had to my house.

Scully is a special cat, and by special, I mean he scares the pants off people. He’s such a beautiful kitty, with his perfect white boots, subtle grey stripes and huge green eyes.

But try to pet him, as many of my friends attest, and out come the claws and the hissing.

He goes from sweetie pie to demon in less than 2.2 seconds.

Yes, he even does this with “cat people.”

Of course, he’s loving as can be with me, purring on my lap while I knit and watch “Alias,” shadowing me during my morning routine.


But enough about my pet (and unhealthy obsession with kitty mugs, cat jewelry, feline T-shirts, etc.). We want to hear about yours — and we want to see your best shot of them.

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Sure, we’re cat people at my house, but I can appreciate any show of love and affection for any oh-so-important animal in your life.

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