Have you been waiting for your chance at reality TV stardom? You don’t have to leave Boise

Captured from Twitter

Ever had the desire to have your every move documented in front of millions of people? We have some good news.

Reality TV show “Big Brother” is holding open casting calls in Downtown Boise on March 23 from 4-7 p.m. at the Amsterdam Lounge, 609 W. Main St. There’s no resume required, “just a good attitude.”

The show also will hold auditions in 12 other cities across the country.

“Big Brother” is entering its 20th season on CBS. The show’s first season aired July 5, 2000.

Boise has had quite a run of reality television stars over the past year. Ben Driebergen won the 35th season of “Survivor,” while Kristal Nielson was a star contestant on “The Bachelor.”