Amazon will let carriers unlock your door, leave packages in your house

If you’re sick of worrying about your package getting stolen from your doorstep while you’re at work or on vacation, Amazon has an idea.

Let the carrier into your house.

For $249.99, Amazon began offering its Amazon Key system Wednesday to Prime members. At its core, the Amazon Key is a security system that depends on a camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition), and a high-tech smart lock. With your supervision, the carrier will be allowed in your home to drop off the package.

When customers from 37 different cities order a product from Amazon, they will have the option for “Free in-home delivery.” On delivery day, the customer will get a notification from Amazon with a four-hour window for delivery. When the driver gets to your door, he or she will knock and ask for access to unlock your door with their scanner. The scanner will check if the package’s information matches the information that was scheduled for delivery. The door unlocks (at which point the Cloud Cam begins filming the transaction), the package is dropped off, the door is locked back up, and the delivery ends. You will also be able to let friends, family and guests in if given the proper access.

Good deal, right? That depends on who you ask.

If you are skeptical about having a complete stranger enter your house, know that much of the internet agrees with you.

Amazon Key is not available in Boise at this time.

Michael Katz: 208-377-6444, @MichaelLKatz

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