Crouch sends message to July 4 visitors: Don’t bring fireworks to our town

The residents of a small Boise County town decided not cancel all of their Fourth of July festivities in an effort to stop out-of-towners from flooding the place and shooting off illegal fireworks.

Members of the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously Thursday night to continue local events associated with the national holiday, including a parade, a pancake breakfast and the chamber-sponsored professional fireworks show at dusk, according to chamber President Diane Caughlin.

But they all agreed that illegal fireworks shot off in chaotic fashion by thousands of visitors in the town has to stop. Caughlin said city officials are looking at banning all fireworks, other than the sanctioned show.

“The City Council is going to do a resolution or ordinance. We aren’t going to allow anything,” Caughlin said.

Local residents are upset about the damage and mess caused by the annual celebration, which has garnered attention online for its rowdiness. They’re also concerned about people getting hurt; there have been injuries.

“It costs us a lot of money to clean up their mess. They just need to do the right thing and respect our town, and our wishes,” Caughlin said. “Go do it at your own house and see what your neighbors say.”

Katy Moeller: 208-377-6413, @KatyMoeller