Update: Lucky Peak Dam Road reopened, rec areas still shuttered

Lucky Peak Dam Road has reopened a day after being closed indefinitely for snow removal, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which maintains the structure.

The Corps, in a press release, said several feet of snow was blocking the road across the dam. The road leads to several Corps recreation areas, including Turner Gulch, Barclay Bay, Lydle Gulch and Foote Park. Turner Gulch and Foote Park remain closed due to snow and ice accumulation.

The Corps urged visitors to avoid trying to drive to the closed rec areas, as the snow and ice “presents a significant hazard to vehicles,” according to the release.

The road crosses Idaho 21, which leads north to Idaho City. That highway does not appear to be closed.

To learn more, call the Lucky Peak office at 208-343-0671.