Visser beats Thomson in Ada County commission race

Rick Visser
Rick Visser

Boise City Councilman T.J. Thomson vastly out-raised and out-spent Republican Rick Visser during the campaign, racking up a 10-to-one money advantage.

None of that mattered, as Visser, a retired attorney, eclipsed Thomson by six-and-a-half points. During his campaign, Visser pledged to do a better job of involving the public in Ada County governance. He wants to use social media, mailers and meetings in parks and other gathering places to talk to constituents about what’s on their minds and issues facing the three-member board of commissioners.

“I am very grateful for this wonderful victory,” Visser said in an email early Wednesday morning. “It will be a sincere privilege to serve the citizens of Ada County.”

Visser said during the campaign that he’ll said “efficient use of taxpayers’ money” is the way to make sure taxes don’t get out of control.

“We have to look at projects and say, ‘Is it practical or is it extravagant?’” he told the Idaho Statesman. “I would go across the board. I’m an average, middle-income Ada County resident and I don’t spend extravagantly. I spend practically.”