What will make Boise line up at 5 a.m.? ‘Gilmore Girls’

The first super fans showed up at Flying M Coffeehouse in Downtown Boise at 5 a.m.

Angela Kehrer and her daughter Lorelei — yes, named for a main character in the mother/daughter drama “Gilmore Girls” — got up in the pre-dawn hours and drove from Meridian so they wouldn’t miss out on the big day.

“We’ll survive. It’s worth it,” Angela Kehrer said.

They had the honor of being the first in line to get free coffee in special “Gilmore” cups.

By 6:20 a.m., a line of fans stretched from the corner of 5th and Idaho all the way down the block, with more people arriving every few seconds. Just before 9 a.m., the Flying M’s Facebook page noted the line was still curling down the block. By around 9:30 a.m., all 250 special cups were in the hands of fans.

“The turnout was double what we expected. We probably could have used twice as many of those cups,” said Kent Collins, Flying M owner.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, is the designated “Gilmoreversary,” the anniversary of the program’s debut 16 years ago. Netflix will debut a retooling of the “Gilmore Girls” on Nov. 25. It will pick up where the old series left off.

To celebrate, Netflix recruited coffee shops across the country to transform themselves Wednesday into temporary Luke’s Diners, a coffee shop in the show.

Love for the show is so strong for the Miller family of Boise that three generations of Millers, Nancy, Sara and Kayla — grandmother, mother and daughter respectively — got up at 4 a.m. to line up.

“It’s a light, feel-good show,” said Kayla. Her mom, Sara, was a single mom like the mom in the show, so she can relate, she said.

Marbella Haws, another early riser, said she’s also a longtime fan of the show.

“The witty banter is so real,” she said to help explain the show’s popularity.

Kristy Gilmartin is from Washington, but happy to be in Boise for business on the Gilmoreversary.

“The best thing about the show is that it’s just light, open-hearted. There wasn’t anything like it out there at that time and really there isn’t anything like it now,” said Gilmartin.

She’s rewatching the original series to prepare for the debut on Nov. 25.