Is your neighbor among the best in Boise? See the list

Events like National Night Out and the neighbors who work to organize them are among the many things that make life in Boise good. The city recognized the stars of neighborhoods from across the city at a recent ceremony at Boise City Hall.
Events like National Night Out and the neighbors who work to organize them are among the many things that make life in Boise good. The city recognized the stars of neighborhoods from across the city at a recent ceremony at Boise City Hall. doswald@idahostatesman.com

Boise Mayor David Bieter recognized 49 Boise residents, organizations, and businesses during Thursday’s Energize Boise Celebration at City Hall. The nominees received the annual Boise Good Neighbor Award, begun by Bieter in 2011.

Nominated by their own neighbors for a variety of reasons, nominees included 45 individuals, three neighborhood-based organizations and one business.

Here are the folks who got the well-deserved nod along with the nominations from those who know their good works best:

Alicia Cassarino

Nominated by: Steve and Teresa Lipus

We are pleased to nominate Alicia Cassarino for the Good Neighbor Award. Alicia is 2nd Vice President/ Events Chair on the board of the Columbia Village Owners Association—a volunteer position—and has coordinated numerous events to bring the neighborhood together. This summer she organized a “JAWS” movie night at our neighborhood pool; a 4th of July block party; Columbia Village Night at Boise Hawks; and a “National Night Out” that included a Food Truck Rally, a Boise Police K-9 demonstration, a Boise Fire engine, and a pie-eating contest. Alicia always welcomes new neighbors who sign on to the Nextdoor Columbia Village website. She also promotes neighborhood activities via the site to encourage neighbors to get to know each other. Columbia Village is a large neighborhood, so this is no small task. She also attends public meetings to speak on issues that might affect the neighborhood.

In addition to all she does for our neighborhood, Alicia is a successful entrepreneur and mother. We have the privilege of living next door to her and never see her without a smile on her face and a friendly greeting: she is the embodiment of a “Good Neighbor.”

Alison, Dave, Ryan and Jordan Bear

Nominated by: Tim, Mary & Luci Hansen

Here we have the four Bears: Alison and Dave, and sons Ryan and Jordan. They have started a neighborhood tradition, hosting a family movie night. They open their home and back yard to their neighbors in our subdivision. This year, which marked the second gathering of like-minded souls, they showed Captain America: The First Avenger. Clever guys that they are, Dave, Ryan and Jordan have made a screen out of blackout cloth, wooden dowels and rebar. As the sun goes down and the lights come up, we sit back and enjoy each other’s company while delving into sweet and salty treats and thirst-quenching liquids. It’s a time to say hi and catch up on everyone’s comings and goings, as well as watching a great flick. The four Bears know how to make things just right!

Jillien Eijckelhof

Nominated by: Sharon Konkol

Jillien has championed walkability in the Highlands neighborhood for our elementary children walking to school. She worked with Safe Routes to School, the Ada County Highway District and the Boise School District to put in a temporary walkway on a busy road to get kids to school safely on foot. This temporary walkway will become permanent in the near future. We’re seeing more kids walking to school as a result of this improvement, and Jillien’s hardwork. Thank you, Jillien, for your efforts to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle for our youth and neighborhood.

Brad and Jodi McDowell

Nominated by: David & Tona Hess

Relatively new to the neighborhood, Brad and Jodi have jumped right into the community and consistently host welcome dinners and parties to introduce new neighbors to the “hood”. Last Summer while my family and I were floating the Boise River, we received a call and text from the McDowell’s that there was a fire in the foothills behind our house. Unable for us to do anything, Brad jumped into action and grabbed our garden hose and began spraying down our property. He stayed until we were able to get off the river several hours later and return home. He was a happy sight to see and a great neighbor to have.

Carla Mabey

Nominated by: Maggie Chase

Carla Mabey is in her 80’s, has had hip replacement surgery and recently underwent surgery for a pacemaker. None of that stops her from navigating the many stairs to street level so she can travel up and down our block to deliver sweets or fresh baked bread to her neighbors. If there is a hired crew working on a neighbor’s home, she has been known to deliver cold water or lemonade to them if it’s especially hot outside. Carla lives on a very limited income, but she never hesitates to share what she has. More than anything, she lights up all of our lives with her positive spirit. Whenever anyone asks, “How are you doing, Carla?” she always answers with a beaming smile, “I’m beyond incredible!” It’s her positive outlook on life and generous spirit that keeps all of us inspired.

Carol Bauer

Nominated by: Dustin Mortimer

Carol looks out for her neighbors. Being a retiree, she has the time and thankfully the energy to get around the neighborhood or walk to the grocery store. When I moved into the neighborhood 4 years ago, she was quick to show me the ropes, especially how to utilize the irrigation water that is unique to our part of town. She’s always walking around helping others. Carol deserves recognition for being the best neighbor I’ve ever had.

Christin Steele & Piers Lamb

Nominated by: Megan Brandel

Christin Steele and Piers Lamb were among the first responders when Maximo Wyatt was hit by a car while riding his bike last September. Christin called 911 and immediately following the phone call, she produced ribbon and scissors to tie bows around the trees on her property where Max was found. More recently, she has installed on her property a permanent sign reminding drivers of the crash and to be aware of cyclists.

Piers was also on the scene immediately following the crash and helped lift the car off of Max. Both Christin and Piers reached out to Maximo and his family when they arrived home, welcoming them, and bringing Max gifts. Piers invited Max over to swim in his pool to help his recovery as well.

We can’t thank Christin and Piers enough for their quick response the day of the accident, continued support for Max and his family, and determination to make our neighborhood safer for cyclists.

Chuck Strough

Nominated by: Kate Olson

I would like to thank Chuck for all he does for our neighborhood. Not only does he help introduce new neighbors to one another, he has helped me several times, all without asking. He has helped fix my fence (a few times), he watches over my house when I’m out of town, and he watches over the neighborhood for any suspicious activity. Chuck embodies what it means to be a “Good Neighbor.”

Darcy Simpson

Nominated by: Dick & Margo Henning

If you need assistance (for any reason) in our neighborhood, you just call Darcy. She is always available to help you. She will mow your lawn, trim and clean off the sidewalk. On vacation and need someone to put out your trash, bring in the containers or pick up your mail? Call Darcy. Need someone to walk and feed your animals, or watch your children while you run errands? Call Darcy. In the fall she will rake up neighborhood leaves. In winter she will clear the snow from your drive and walkways. One is likely to find Darcy helping a neighbor anytime of the day or night. I think Darcy knows the first names of everyone on our block and probably other blocks in the neighborhood. Two things set Darcy apart from the rest of us; She always has a smile on her face and one never needs to ask for help. If she sees the need she just does what needs to be done. Thank you Darcy! We truly appreciate all that you do.

Dean Nyg

ardNominated by: Mark Hair

Dean Nygard has been the president and tireless coordinator of our neighborhood association for about the last five years. Though the president is not called upon to do so, he single-handedly dives into and manages many thankless issues, such as landscape vendor selection, management, and follow-up, sprinkler troubleshooting – including hand-watering thirsty trees prior to a repair – neighbor disputes, architectural reviews, and has even simultaneously served as treasurer for nearly a year when our previous treasurer moved. He has worked diligently with me on foothills open space preservation and testimony regarding proposed neighborhood developments. Dean is a no-nonsense hard worker with an eye for detail and frugality with association funds. He’d often rather go rebuild tree wells himself than use association dues for such matters. I am nominating Dean for the Boise Good Neighbor Award because he does these things selflessly, and without desire for recognition or gain. He and his family, are truly good neighbors, friends, and assets to the community.

Derek Duval

Nominated by: Beth and Casey Suter

Derek Duval is an exemplary neighbor! He is the type of person that promotes goodwill, safety and kindness. When we first moved into our home, our yard was less than desirable. Derek learned we were trying to improve its appearance and generously dug up several plants in his own yard, brought them to our house and transplanted them. He has watched after our house while we have been out of town. Knowing we have a neighbor keeping an eye on our residence helps us enjoy time while away and feel safe when we are home. Numerous times we have witnessed Derek mowing other neighbors’ lawns or helping with landscaping. Derek is an active member of our HOA and has volunteered countless hours planting, weeding and maintaining the flower beds in our neighborhood. Not only are the added plants water efficient, Derek has purchased many of the plants on his own. His work has reduced HOA maintenance fees while simultaneously improving the beauty of the common area. Derek singlehandedly drafted a 3-year plan to improve the common area and reduce future budget costs through dry scraping. We feel Derek is more than deserving of the Good Neighbor Award.

Elmira Yanez

Nominated by: Olbin Yanez

Elmira, known as Ivy, has been very active in the community. She volunteers for NeighborWorks Boise, organizes events at Northwest Pointe, and volunteers for the local food banks by translating, organizing food shelves, and motivating others. Ivy seems to know everybody. Even though she doesn’t get paid for her time, she still treats it seriously, responsibly and professionally. Ivy doesn’t expect anything in return for all her hard work. She doesn’t give up, she is very passionate, and she has a gift for understanding and loving others. She really gives back to the community. Ever since Ivy became a mother, she has dedicated her life to her kids. From time to time she has taken in young adults to extend a helping hand who end up calling her mom. She is an awesome member of our society and she has never let anybody down. Ivy is an amazing soul.

Herb & Marlene Farnlund

Nominated by: Carol Crosswhite

Herb and Marlene Farnlund are good neighbors to everyone around them. They taught me gardening, share seedlings and produce. They help trim shrubs and trees for a single mom living near us. Most importantly, Marlene called the police in time to catch an intruder in our house. They know our extended family who come over when we are on vacation to glean the garden, and they know when something at the house is not right. I wish we could clone this wonderful couple because everyone should be able to learn and grow from Herb and Marlene.

Herbert Oliver

Nominated by: Angie Ellerd

Herbert Oliver has been a great friend and neighbor to all of us around him. He is always willing to help out with anything, and even looking for the opportunity to do so. He has been there for us in many ways, including: helping with yard work and gardening, sharing tools from his garage full of them, hiding a key for us in the case he was not available, and helping with our children. Herb has never complained when things have gotten chaotic, even when I am certain we were disturbing his peace. He is a good man willing to share his wisdom and free time without hesitation. Herb Oliver is a great neighbor!

Jasmine Knowlton

Nominated by: Nancy Day

Jasmine is a superb neighbor who is always looking for ways to help others and give them her time. She gardens, cleans, collects goods for non-profits, cares for the elderly, spends time with youth, and is a loyal friend to those less fortunate, just to mention a few of the reasons she deserves recognition. Jasmine’s modesty and selflessness should be a lesson for us all.

Jen Palumbo, Laurie Ray and Jorden Charters

Nominated by: Jackie and Scott Howell

Jen, Laurie and Jorden are always friendly and yelling greetings to all the walkers! They have helped us and others set up new iPhones, remembered birthdays, and acknowledged losses. They watch over everyone and called the police about a stolen car that was abandoned nearby. They participate in a lot of community events, like the cancer walk. Most astonishing is that they are driving our moving truck to Oregon and helping us move. My husband is a disabled veteran and it helps so much. They are also letting us stay in their home to get all the closing dates worked through. It is such a gift to have wonderful neighbors like Jen, Laurie and Jorden. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done, and will miss them when we move.

Jim and Jennifer Kloss

Nominated by: Cathe Scott

Jim and Jennifer are always friendly to everyone in the neighborhood and care about each and every person. They always remember birthdays, bring gifts over after every vacation, and cheer you up when you’re having a bad day. They help with group yard work in the neighborhood and will show up with a good beer to share on a weekly basis. They always watch peoples’ pets if their owners are out of town and treat them like their own. We recently lost a cat and they have spent multiple nights rallying other neighbors to help find our cat. Jim and Jennifer are well deserving of a Good Neighbor Award.

Jim Streit

Nominated by: Lenny Sosa

We’ve lived in Boise for 12 years and there hasn’t been a week that goes by without Jim’s generous efforts. My wife or I will be working in the yard or garage and he’ll pop over with a cool drink. Jim writes July 4th invitations to neighbors and makes all the arrangements. If you need a truck to pick up furniture, he’ll lend you his. Jim has always taken care of the leaves and weeds on the island in our cul-de-sac and edged along the sidewalks. We have an elderly neighbor that can only use a riding lawnmower, so Jim automatically edges his entire front and side yard. He and his wife pay for everyone in our cul-de-sac to get the Sunday Idaho Statesman, and many times he’ll leave me a book cause he knows I love to read. Jim is as neighborly as you can get and on top of that he wouldn’t dream of getting credit or wanting kudos. He’s a great husband, father and grandfather; he’s humble and the real deal! No one deserves recognition more than he, and if you ask any of our neighbors, they will agree!

Jo Cassin

Nominated by: Dave Green

Jo has been active in her neighborhood, community and in Idaho volunteering her time and business resources to support local nonprofits and schools for over 30 years. She helped establish the Idaho Whitewater license plate program and directly supports Boise River improvements and much more. Jo is a great neighbor and deserves this recognition.

Judy Marlow

Nominated by: Suzanne Wiggins

When we moved to Boise 9 years ago, Judy Marlow welcomed us with cookies and little gifts; she seems to do that with all of the new neighbors that come to the neighborhood. One year we had three new families move in, and she helped them out all the time. Judy planned a big party to welcome everyone and went door to door to hand out flyers. She is one of the original homeowners, and had her house built when they first became a neighborhood. I moved away but still go to the BSU parties she throws every year for the neighborhood. You can ask anyone, and they will all tell you the same. Judy is the very definition of a Good Neighbor.

Julie Wiley

Nominated by: Katie Palmer

Julie cares about our neighborhood and the people in it. She works voluntarily and endlessly to make improvements here. She rallies neighbors to work on projects together and is always there to participate. Julie brings people together through dinners at her home, and holding meet and greets. She weeds common areas, cares for her neighbors’ lawns, plants flowers, and researches new possibilities for the community. She knows everyone and cares about each of them, checking in on those in need. She puts in a lot of hours, and does it selflessly and with enthusiasm. Julie should receive this recognition for all that she contributes to others!

Katie and Luke Miller

Nominated by: Melissa Hanson

I would like to nominate Luke and Katie Miller for the Good Neighbor Award because of their graciousness and thoughtfulness to all of their neighbors. Whether you live right next door or on a whole other block, they make it a priority to meet everyone who moves into the neighborhood and welcome them. They open their home on many holidays for potlucks and gatherings, and share their pool on hot summer days with a simple sign that says “Pool Open!” in their driveway. They’ve been involved in our HOA and are always a part of setting up important events. They set an infectious example for the rest of us on how to be and how to behave toward one another as neighbors. Their presence makes our neighborhood special. We East Meadow Parkers are so lucky to have them!

Keith and Elizabeth Barnes

Nominated by: Ashley Rowe & Damiana Uberuaga

Keith and Elizabeth are very active in the South Boise Neighborhood. Elizabeth helps run the neighborhood association, and together they care for neighbors and help in any way that they can. They do a great job organizing events for the neighborhood, bring gifts to homes with new babies, and help foster ideas for the community. They really are the best!

Kurt Kuyper

Nominated by: Scott Spjute

Kurt is the consummate neighbor. He cares for the elderly widow across the street, clears snow from the entire neighborhood’s sidewalks, helps anyone, anytime, on any project, and loans me whatever tools I need. Kurt is the definition of a “Good Neighbor!”

Kyle Rowley

Nominated by: Roy and Jimmie Napper

Kyle Rowley is a young family man with a big heart and willing personality. Even though he works 2 jobs to support his family and has a young baby, he is always available to help his neighbors. In the past, he helped one neighbor when wind and age caused several limbs to crack from a tree. He helped her remove the broken limbs and later formed a volunteer group of scouts to come take down the damaged tree as her finances would not stretch for her to pay to have it done. Kyle has also tirelessly and without any compensation helped with several neighborhood self-help projects in our neighborhood park with hauling several loads of limbs and branches to the dump. He is an advisor to the Gary Lane Meadows HOA Board and offers feedback on many different issues that affects all homeowners. Considering how busy he is with his jobs and new baby, this goes to show what a caring and dependable neighbor Kyle is. Some of us older neighbors sure appreciate his youth, strength and willingness to help us out. Kyle is a definite asset to the community!

Larry and Jan Winner

Nominated by: Beth Pierce & Drew Lunt

Larry and Jan are the epitome of what the Good Neighbor Award stands for. Larry is a retired police officer and is “our” neighborhood Mayor. He watches out for our community and is a role model of great citizenship. I have witnessed him helping neighborhood kids, checking on our widowed seniors and the general public in our community. He demonstrates this by shoveling our sidewalks and driveways when it snows. He picks up litter in the streets and even deceased animals because he doesn’t want the kids to see them. Larry has helped change our car battery, jump start different cars on the street, and pulls up garbage cans from the sidewalks on Fridays after they are emptied. He has come over to help rake and pick up fallen branches in our yards. Larry and Jan watch over our homes when we are out of town, and pick up mail and packages as needed. They share the fruit of their labor from their garden, and are very kind and generous to both of their grandchildren. We feel safer knowing them, and are privileged to have them as our neighbors!

Laura Fry Omelia

Nominated by: Renée Kline

Laura is always a positive force in the neighborhood and helps to make it great. She makes a point to get to know everyone and make the new neighbors feel welcome when they move into their houses. Laura is always looking out for people’s pets and offering to help others when they go on vacation or have to fly out for family emergencies. She volunteers her time in several local organizations, and will often leave a gardenia flower at your front door if she hasn’t heard from you in a while. It’s her way of saying hello and that she’s thinking of you. We are lucky to have her.

Linda Whittig

Nominated by: Bobbi Bullock

Linda Whitig started ‘Snow Alley’ behind her house by involving all her neighbors. Now it is paved and is an interesting and lovely place for the two streets to come together. Kids play basketball and ride bikes like we used to do in our generation. Linda has endless energy and helps all neighbors, demonstrating what it means to be a “Good Neighbor.”

Mark Barnes

Nominated by: Kathy Dzuck

When I was newly widowed and overwhelmed with things that needed to be done around my home, Mark anticipated it and jumped right in to get the job done. He has continued to be a big help whenever the need arises.

Mark is a great neighbor who has helped not only me but all the neighbors around him, mowing and watering without being asked and always there to offer any help that is needed. Mark is very deserving of this award.

Matthew Shapiro

Nominated by: Elizabeth Lester Barnes

Matthew is a dynamic and creative individual fully committed to building and shaping healthy neighborhoods. I met Matthew through my work with my neighborhood association. This last year he has started a nonprofit called Boise Commons. Through the Boise Commons, Matthew created a survey for the neighborhoods. After countless emails, meetings and personal hours, he collected the data from the survey and compiled it into a truly professional and informative booklet. I have never met someone so passionate about fostering community development. The work he is doing through his non-profit is professional, inspirational and worth notice. We are lucky in Boise to have his energy and creativity.

Melody Lynch

Nominated by: H. Marie Baldner

Melody is a helpful, cheerful volunteer in our Cruzen Subdivision West Bench neighborhood. She helps several elderly individuals, housesits or walks our dogs when we are gone, takes in our mail when away, takes in trash cans when the owners are unable to move them, waters yards, and keeps a close eye on our neighborhood. She is in her mid to late 30’s and lives with her mother, Lola, to help care for her. Melody also volunteers at the Cole and Ustick library, walking about a mile there. This is a person who needs some recognition for all she does to make our neighborhood a better place to live.

Michelle Doane

Nominated by: Todd Kurowski

Michelle has brought energy and enthusiasm to the Sunset neighborhood. There is now a sense that we have a voice to make our community what we want it to be, and even get members to imagine what it could be. We have received our first grants through her leadership and are now in the process of creating our community signs. As a neighbor she is outgoing and eager to not only meet people but to encourage others to meet each other. She is a gift to our neighborhood and city.

Mike Reineck

Nominated by: Jeremy Maxand

What makes Mike a great neighbor is the endless hours of sweat and toil he’s devoted to what was the Harris Ranch Neighborhood Association, and now the Barber Valley Neighborhood Association. Although we aren’t sure how many years ago he became involved, he’s gone from an engaged board member to the President of the Neighborhood Association for a few years and now back to a board member that consistently goes above and beyond what anyone expects of him. Whether it be keeping tabs on City and County issues that impact the neighborhood, sending out informative emails to the BVNA members, conducting BVNA meetings, eagerly volunteering in the community, staying on top of issues with all the development going on around us, or presenting at public hearings, he always jumps in both feet first and does it all with a great sense of humor, respect, and calmness. The well-being of Barber Valley resident’s and Boise as a whole has been enhanced enormously by Mike’s dedicated service to his community. Mike is a model citizen and leads by example. We can think of no other neighbor more deserving than Mike.

Norman Beattie

Nominated by: Darcy Beattie

Norman is a friendly, conscientious neighbor and an asset to our neighborhood. He has made a point of getting to know people new to the area and stays in touch with our aging neighbors, even visiting one in the hospital when she fell ill this year. He and his wife Maureen keep their yard, home, and rental property immaculate, setting a standard for our neighborhood that is difficult to match. I should disclose that he is my father-in-law, a fact that should only add validity to this nomination, as I’m not sure many people would be as happy as I am living so close to family.

Rebecca McDonald

Nominated by: Karen Compton

Rebecca has put on an extensive number of activities and get-togethers in the Mill District/Spring Creek neighborhoods in Harris Ranch. For me, personally, it was the afternoon that my husband and I were dreaming about moving one day to a neighborhood like Mill District. We drove by and noticed the door of the clubhouse was open. We were too curious about this fantasy life, that we peeked in to look around. That’s when Rebecca saw us, welcomed us in and showed us around and even invited us to stay for the Holiday Party that she was setting up for later that evening. Despite telling her that we didn’t live anywhere near there, she insisted we come. Two weeks later we put a deposit on a lot and built our dream house. It is because of Rebecca and her dedication to her community that neighborhoods like ours is clean, safe and a close community.

Richard Holbert

Nominated by: Kimo Wilson

On any given weekend you will find Richard, guitar in hand sitting by a fire in his yard surrounded by his neighbors. His generosity is open to anyone who needs it. He watches out for us all; the father of the street. Need gardening tips or help with your irrigation pump? He will gladly lend a hand. We have seen neighbors come and go on our quaint little street; each one has been touched by his kindness and generosity. He mows the lawns of the vacant houses; no one asks, he does it to keep the street better for everyone. When one of us became too old to maintain his yard, Richard took over his duties. He waters every couple of days, mows, even planted a small garden for him to enjoy. He can often be seen walking down the street, the comforting calm of dusk, dogs by his side, smiling and waving to everyone he sees. He will stop and check in on those he hasn’t seen for a while, offering a hand with whatever they need. There is a strong sense of community in the neighborhood, with Richard at its center.

Robert Firpo

Nominated by: Denise Schwendener

Bob Firpo has gone above and beyond with his time and resources to create a beautiful landscape in the chicane across the street from Elm Grove Park. What used to be weeds and dirt is now a beautiful landscape with flowers, onions and even a little walking pathway. He spent hours digging, weeding, planting and even created an irrigation system from his sprinklers to allow for a water source. If you drive down Irene in the early evening, you can probably find Bob tending to the chicane. He continues to maintain and improve it, and even added a little stone turtle and bunny for children to enjoy. Bob has created a beautiful landscape for all neighbors to enjoy at they pass by. Our neighborhood would not be the same without Bob in it.

Ron and Elaine Harries

Nominated by: Anne Marie Beck

Ron and Elaine Harries are the best neighbors I have ever had the privilege to live next door to. Whenever I leave for a trip, they are diligent to be sure my house and property are safe, pick up my packages, water my plants, etc. They even fed my chickens gourmet meals when I had them! They are also very kind to my dogs and cat, even cutting a hole in the fence so they could reach through to pet them and give them treats! I don’t think I’ve heard a negative word from them in the 16 years I’ve known them and they are always quick to lend a hand. They are well-loved by everyone in the neighborhood. Elaine is also very active in the community through her church, the Food Bank and has earned the highest volunteer status at the YMCA. Although a senior, she’s in far better shape than most 30-somethings I know and a model of health. I have often thought of moving, but knowing they are next door has been a contributing factor to my staying put. Both Ron and Elaine are very deserving of the Good Neighbor Award.

Sabra Haney

Nominated by: Madonna Baxter

Sabra is very involved in her community. She works as a forensic tech at the coroners office, and also runs her own business, Need to Bead, in her neighborhood. She has done various community projects over the years. Right now she is sponsoring a school supply drive for Jefferson Elementary, and offering a discount in her shop for folks who donate. She is a good neighbor, recently offering assistance to a neighbor who had a fire, helping to round up their pets. Thank you, Sabra!

Shaunna Marceau

Nominated by: Robin Bissey

Shaunna answered my neighborhood newsletter call for equipment needed after my knee replacement surgery this spring. Not only did she lend me items after I was home, she either came or called every week to see how I was doing, give me tips (as a former patient herself) and to keep me inspired. Her personal attention really helped me understand my recovery process so well. She accompanied me to the follow-up luncheon and on the 2K Replacement Walk event. What a great cheerleader! A previously unknown person has become a friend!

Sheryl and Vern Gillogly

Nominated by: Kerry Fitzharris

Sheryl and Vern have been the greatest of neighbors for over 17 years now. When I moved into my house, the next day they invited me onto their front porch for bagels and coffee. Vern has shoveled my walk in the winter, blown my leaves in the fall, and edged my lawn in spring and summer. He has repaired pipes, hoses, bike tires, raspberry fences, and fixed dozens of other things around my house. Sheryl has skillfully helped me not once, not twice, but three times when I needed an extra pair of hands to give my cat ear medicine, and has lovingly taken care of my cats and gardens in my absence. Once she even made me a stained glass piece for the shear joy of giving. They often bring down tasty treats of fresh pie or something savory and share their garden bounty every summer. They are the best of neighbors, ones who’ve always made me feel as though I were a part of their family. I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done for me over the years.

Stanley Erskine

Nominated by: Jeanette McCown & Nicola Piroth

We live on a small circle in the North End, and the keeper of our street is our very own Stanley. He keeps the street gutters clean by walking around and blowing the leaves away. On many occasions I come home and find my driveway clean as well. Two of our neighbors recently became widows, and Stanley was there to help with whatever needed to be done. New people moved in and our welcoming committee, Stanley, was there to welcome them. Stanley is just a very decent and wonderful man. Half a year ago he himself lost his wife, and a few months later his trusted dog companion died. This, of course has been very hard for him, but it has not stopped him from continuing to lend a hand to his neighbors and friends. Stanley looks after all of us on Blaine Way. He is always friendly and willing to do more for his neighbors. He is a great guy, and if someone deserves a “Good Neighbor Award” it is Stanley.

Terri and Joe McCarry

Nominated by: Cindi V. Walton

We have a wonderful neighborhood. We watch out for each other, celebrate holidays together; it is a real old-fashioned neighborhood, and one family makes it all work: The McCarrys. Besides hosting the annual 4th of July party each year, they are so integral to everyone’s well-being, we would all be lost without them. I can’t tell you how many times lawns have been mowed when a neighbor is going through a hard time. No one moves into this neighborhood without a visit from Terri with a loaf of bread or plate of cookies. There isn’t one household here who hasn’t had to call for help and been helped by them. An elderly neighbor had his house tagged with graffiti; Terri and Joe organized us with paint to cover it up. If a dog is on the loose, they are the first ones to chase after it. Their place is the one to go if you just feel like a little company. Our neighborhood isn’t just better because of them, we are better because we have them next door. They are the greatest!

Terri Merkely

Nominated by: Courtney Rush

Terri is such an amazing woman. She immediately welcomed us into the neighborhood when we moved in three years ago. She organizes neighborhood “Soup Nights” throughout the winter and has facilitated connections and relationships between neighbors who had lived on the same street for years - and yet never had spoken a word! She leaves kind notes, flowers, and encouragement when needed. She has taken over all the yard work responsibilities for a couple next door who recently birthed a son with heart defects and down syndrome. She prays for us and cares for our family - as well as many others on the street. We admire her and think of her as an underserved gift!

Tyler Doggett

Nominated by: Scott Montgomery

Tyler volunteered to help with the Warm Springs Mesa clean up day to prepare for the chipper. I had already been cleaning up my property for several weeks and was getting very tired. But when Tyler saw that I had a ravine that was full of Juniper he said we must get those out of there. This was a huge job and he went at it like a mad man. I even heard him laughing as he removed the entangled mess. The Table Rock fire came right to the side of our property. We were not home, but our neighbor was out watching the fire and putting out hot embers. He said most of the embers where landing exactly where the Juniper had been. He is convinced that removing the Juniper saved both of our homes. Thanks again to Tyler for volunteering for a hard job and getting it done.

Neighborhood Nominations

Highlands Traffic Mitigation Team

Nominated by: Sharon Konkol

The Highlands Traffic Mitigation team worked countless hours to develop traffic improvements that have brought great safety and livability benefits to our neighborhood. It is our pleasure to recognize this team today: Anna Brown, Carmel Crock, Joe Konkol, Ken Harris, Ray Anderson, and Susan Rowe.

South Depot Bench Neighborhood Watch Block Captains

Nominated by: Megan Brandel

Alison McCall, Amanda Neill, Betty Jo Evans, Donna Fox, JeNelle McEwen, John Hormaechea, Robin Oneill, Ryan Rulon, and Tiffany Nielson are the South Depot Bench Neighborhood Watch block captains. A month after the crash that involved Max, 20 or more neighbors gathered to discuss how to make our neighborhood safer, and 10 (and counting) of these neighbors committed to establishing a neighborhood watch group. This group is currently gathering signatures for traffic calming along Kootenai St., keeping neighbors informed about safety topics, and planning fun community events. Our neighborhood has come together in wonderful ways as a response to what Maximo and his family have endured. It’s been wonderful to witness how much all these neighbors care. They are all such good neighbors and very deserving of the Good Neighbor Award!

Sunrise Rim Neighborhood – Steve Tornga

Nominated by: Russell Baer

The whole neighborhood is caring. When our house burned down, neighbors and complete strangers came to our aid. They were there during the whole demolition and multi-month rebuild process. We could not have been more impressed with their generosity, and are thankful for the wonderful community we live in.

Business Nominations

Grocery Outlet

Nominated by: Heather Rodman

Grocery Outlet has created a place where neighbors meet up with, and chat with other neighbors. They’re also the first grocery store that we’ve had within walking distance to the upper Borah / Randolph-Robertson neighborhood in many years. It’s been wonderful having them move in, both for the convenience, and for having a place where I see my neighbors on a regular basis. Jim and Michelle Rigdon are well deserving of the Good Neighbor Award, for bringing our neighborhood together at Grocery Outlet.