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Your rent may be going up, but Idaho’s utilities are still the cheapest in the nation

Home prices keep climbing in Ada County, but at least Idahoans don’t have to worry about spendy utilities on top of that. According to a recent study, Idaho’s average monthly utility bills overall are less expensive than any other state’s., a website that offers advice and services for people who are moving, crunched the numbers on electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water bills. The site looked at average national consumption rates and average state costs for electricity and natural gas.

By combining the total cost for all of those utilities, arrived at a ranking that saw Idaho and several of its neighboring states among the cheapest in the nation.

“If you’re hoping to save money on utilities, look no further than the Gem State,” the analysis read.

Idaho’s average utility cost was estimated at $343.71 per month. also ranked each individual utility, and Idaho’s prices stayed low across the board. The organization pointed out that natural gas bills are particularly affordable in Idaho — the third-cheapest in the country, in fact, at an average $52.89 per month.

Idaho ranked 45th for the average cost of electricity ($93.82 per month) and 39th for 60 Mbps internet ($57 per month).

Cable and water costs were estimated to average $100 and $40 per month, respectively, across the country, including Idaho.

The two states that beat Idaho out for low natural gas prices were just slightly behind it in overall cost.

Utahans paid $350.17 per month for their combined utilities, while Montanans’ bills paid $359.03. Washington, Nevada and Oregon also made the top 10 least expensive states at Nos. 4, 5 and 7.

East Coasters and those living in the non-continental U.S. shelled out the most, with Hawaiians leading the country at an average overall cost of $730.86, thanks to their super-spendy electricity and natural gas. The second-most expensive state, Alaska, averaged $527.96.

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine rounded out the top 10 most expensive states.

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