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Charity Nelson: LinkedIn Live Boise event sparks insight, full house

Charity Nelson
Charity Nelson

The Internet changed just about everything. The change is so profound that it’s almost hard to remember how we worked before global information flow, before the World Wide Web — when our social life was more about going with friends to a football game or the occasional house party rather than updating our status on Facebook.

During a sold-out LinkedIn Live Boise conference, members of the Idaho Technology Council and others got a sense for just how dynamic the change is in how we communicate.

The tech professionals from ITC teamed with those connected with the Boise State University College of Business and Economics and LinkedIn executives to go to the leading edge of networking in this second-of-its-kind opportunity conference that drew 200 people. The event brought small businesses and local professionals together to share insight on how to drive business results through personal branding, marketing, and hiring on LinkedIn.

Idaho leaders brought homegrown, experience-based insight regarding the power of the Internet in recruiting. They also helped the audience understand how a person’s online identity is a driving factor in their career path, both from a negative and positive aspect. Idaho leaders who shared the podium with LinkedIn executives included:

Jennifer Quinn, CEO at

Jonathon Fishman, founder/president at Rimot Support

Dale Spangler, marketing services manager at Western Power Sports

Shane Vaughan, president of Ecommerce at Agri Beef Co.

John Taylor, senior technical recruiter at Micron Technology, Inc.

Gabe Halleus, director of talent acquisition and management at CRI Advantage

Jason Hausske, founder/CEO at One4All

Charity Nelson, global recruiting service manager at Micron Technology, Inc.

Marshall Simmonds, founder/CEO at Define Media Group, Inc.

With more than 259 million members in more than 200 countries, “LinkedIn is about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale,” said LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

Members of the Idaho Technology Council this year launched a campaign to grow Idaho’s talent pool of qualified tech professionals. They recognize there is a need for the companies within Idaho to work together to bridge the gap, and they see the Internet as one of the key channels to do so.

The keynote address included some notable takeaways for attendees, including real-time statistics LinkedIn was able to provide on the Boise metropolitan area. The data-driven portrait showed that 45 percent of the area’s total workforce are active LinkedIn members. One out of six of those professionals is currently in a leadership role. The top feeder markets for people moving to Boise for employment include Pocatello, Seattle, Spokane, Portland and San Francisco. And taking rank as the most followed companies in the Boise area are St. Luke’s,, BSU, Balihoo and Idaho Power.

One of the most impressive statistics that was unveiled was the fact that 61 percent of Boise State University graduates currently live and work in Boise — beating out Madison, Baton Rouge, Fresno, Provo and Akron for graduate retention. This figure exemplifies the need for continual advancement in the quality of the education available in the Boise area in order to grow an accomplished labor pool. Continued investment in education will help to foster growth within the local market.

“Tools such as LinkedIn continue to be one of the key drivers for local professionals to grow their knowledge about how to build their brands and attract key talent to their organizations,” said Jay Larsen, president and founder of the Idaho Technology Council. “This workshop, along with future knowledge-sharing events, will help local businesses to start, grow and thrive effectively using the Internet as a key channel in their development.”