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Annual awards celebrate Idaho innovation

The Idaho Innovation Awards program, now in its 11th year, seeks to recognize innovative products, companies and people throughout the state. This year the program expanded its four categories to five, adding Consumer Products.

While “Consumer Products” can mean many things, for us it means a product that represents a fundamental change in its space and is meeting a market need.

The new category was added after we heard from constituents and program attendees that they would like to participate in the Innovation Awards but felt that some consumer products are not always comparable to software or other technology entries regularly represented in the Commercialized Innovation or Early-Stage Innovation categories. Consumer Products have played a longstanding and valuable role in Idaho’s innovative history. We were excited to see so many entries in this category.

Over the years, the innovations that received awards have and continue to improve science, medical treatments, business processes and commerce – not only in Idaho but in communities and industries throughout the country and beyond. The same is true this year. Our finalists include various products and innovations that will change the future in their respective industries and have the potential to change each of our lives.

No matter your definition of innovation, all of this year’s finalists push the boundary of excellence and are creating an effect that reaches beyond Idaho.

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the Idaho Technology Council Hall of Fame featuring the Idaho Innovation Awards presented by Stoel Rives LLP will honor the 2016 finalists. Find the list of finalists in the “Achievements — Companies” section of the Oct. 19-Nov. 15, 2016, edition of the Idaho Statesman’s Business Insider magazine.

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