Intermountain Gas proposals could mean lower cost for Idahoans

By Nicole Blanchard

Intermountain Gas Company on Friday filed two applications with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission that could translate to savings for Idaho customers, according to an IGC press release.

The first filing, the company’s annual Purchase Gas Agreement, calls for lowering the price customers pay for natural gas to reflect a decline in its market cost. The second is an application to raise general base rates for the first time in 31 years as part of investment into infrastructure, the company says. IGC says the increase will be canceled out by the PGA adjustment if both are approved.

The cost of gas, which IGC says makes up the majority of customers’ bills, will decrease in price by 7.11 percent, to the tune of $17.2 million annually for the gas company. IGC says residential customers can expect to see a decrease of $2.31 to $3.48 per month, based on what they use gas for. Commercial customers can expect a decrease of about $14.23 per month.

General rates would raise by $10.2 million annually for the company, or 4.06 percent. IGC says residential customers will see a $2.31 to $1.16 increase per month, based on gas needs. Commercial customers will experience a $12.16 monthly uptick.

Should both filings be approved, the overall net decrease in cost for residential customers will be $1.15 to $1.17 per month, and $2.07 per month for commercial customers.

“We are happy to provide a significant discount in our natural gas prices as outlined in our PGA. We also believe our general rate request is reasonable in order to continue to provide a safe and reliable distribution system for our growing customer base,” said Scott Madison, executive vice president of IGC, in the release. “We have been able to hold our underlying rates stable for more than 30 years but our investment in and replacement of infrastructure, combined with costs associated with mandated federal regulations, is driving the need for our requested general rate increase.”

Nicole Blanchard: 208-377-6410; @NMBlanchard