Idaho Innovation Award winners named in Boise

Idaho companies Integrity Ballistics LLC, Advanced Ceramic Fibers LLC and Kochava received Idaho Innovation Awards on Wednesday.

Integrity Ballistics, of Boise, won for its Burns 1401 Less Lethal Ammunition, a 12-gauge soft-polymer projectile designed to shoot people at close to mid-range (3-25 yards) to bring about immediate compliance through pain but with fewer penetrating injuries than hard bullets cause. The bullets “pancake” and enlarge by flattening on impact.

Advanced Ceramic Fibers, of Idaho Falls, won for its eponymous ceramic fibers that make materials lighter, stronger or more durable; and more tolerant of heat, stress or corrosion. They are intended for transmission lines, bridges, beams, trusses and fire-resistant construction materials.

Kochava, of Sandpoint, won for providing mobile advertisers with real-time data on their ad campaigns.

Lorna Finman, the Post Falls president of LCF Enterprises and founder of Discover Technology, was named Innovator of the Year. LCF makes radio amplifiers and jamming devices the military uses to disable improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs. Discover is a nonprofit aimed at fostering student readiness for science, technology, engineering and math careers.

The awards announcements came during the 10th annual Idaho Innovation Awards event attended by more than 800 people from business and academia.