Idahoans can’t spell antilope ... antalope? Antelope.

If the word “tounge” makes you shudder — because it’s not a word — you may owe Google a thank-you card for helping Idahoans spell “tongue” correctly.

The website used Google Trends data to figure out which words trip up each state’s residents most often, based on search data. According to Vocativ, the state that leans most heavily on Google for spelling help is Idaho.

Idahoans, it seems, most often wonder how to spell “antelope,” “civilian” and “tongue.”

And we’re either worse spellers, or more conscientious spellers than our neighbors to the west.

“On the bottom of the list of spellchecking states, the confident writers and readers of Oregon resorted to Google least often, only using it for spellchecks 28 percent as frequently as Idaho residents, according to Google data,” Vocativ said.