Simplot requests permits to build meat packing plant near Kuna

J.R. Simplot Co. plans to break ground on its 300,000-square-foot beef processing plant near Kuna as soon as its air quality permit receives approval from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

The plant, which could employ up to 600 workers, is planned for an 80-acre lot at 17365 S. Cole Road on the plot northeast of the intersection of Cole and Barker roads.

The plant is a joint venture between Simplot and Caviness Meat Packers of Amarillo, Texas. The venture will operate as CS Beef Packers, the company that applied for the air quality permit. On Monday, DEQ opened a 15-day window for members of the public to request a 30-day period for members of the public to submit comments about the permit application to the department. The permit could be approved following the public comment period of after 15 days if none is requested.

Simplot spokesman Ken Dey said construction will likely start this summer once the necessary permits are in order. Simplot plans for the plant to be up and running by summer 2016, he said.

The plant will process up to 1,700 head of cattle per day from dairies and ranches from around the Northwest. It will produce meat cuts, but not hamburger, that will be sold to retailers and food-service suppliers.

Click here to view the permit application or to submit a comment to the DEQ.