The Daily Show spoofs Simplot, this time for GMO potatoes

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart applied its particular flavor of comedy to the J.R. Simplot for the second time in four years, airing a segment Wednesday night about the Boise-based company’s genetically modified line of potatoes.

Senior Correspondent Aasif Mandvi throws tongue-in-cheek darts during the 6:17 segment, calling Simplot’s “Innate” line of GMO potatoes a “deadly GMO tuber developed by evil agri-corporations.” But the piece does more to discredit GMO opponents than support their arguments. After a scientist tells Mandvi that GMO potatoes aren’t dangerous and won’t change human DNA, Mandvi dumps a bucket of potatoes on the scientist. “Looks pretty dangerous to me,” Mandvi says.

The Daily Show – and Mandvi – have turned their fake news ray gun on Simplot before. In 2012, Mandvi came to Boise and produced a news-ish segment on a two-headed trout fry whose parents were collected downstream of Simplot’s Smoky Canyon Mine in Caribou County. Mandvi was nearly arrested after attempted to enter the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality dressed as a two-headed fish.