Bob Miller retakes Albertsons helm after Safeway merger

The Boise-based parent company of Albertsons recently made some changes in its corporate leadership.

The company — now made up of Albertson’s LLC, New Albertson’s Inc. and Safeway Inc. — announced that Bob Miller, who became executive chairman when Albertsons merged with Safeway, is now its CEO. Robert Edwards of Safeway had been appointed CEO when the merger closed a few months ago, and he is now vice chairman “providing counsel to the board and the organization on key strategic and integration matters,” according to an Albertsons press release.

The company did not give a reason for the change.

“It’s been a privilege to work with Bob and our teams as we’ve brought these companies together, and I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve completed and the foundation we’ve created for the future,” Edwards said in the press release. “We’ve made significant strides in the time since the merger has closed, and I feel comfortable turning my focus to other matters that will be of the best benefit to the company.”

Albertsons currently has 14 divisions and 2,200 stores and is the largest company in Idaho.