Roger Phillips: The .22 ammo drought shows signs of waning

Maybe I've been lucky, but I've twice found .22 ammo at Sportsman's Warehouse and recently ordered and received a 500-round brick from Cabela's. None of it was at inflated prices, either.

That's good news for those of us waiting for this round of the ammo shortage to end. I've also recently seen .22 ammo advertised at smaller gun shops, and one hoarder was trying to dump his stash of 11,000 rounds and has dropped his asking price several times because he's still trying to get profiteer prices.

Those signs point to a return to normal with .22 ammo easily available and at reasonable prices. Sound far fetched? If recent history is any guide, it could happen sooner than you might think.

Look how quickly things have returned to normal with other calibers. It wasn't long ago you couldn't find .223, 9mm, or other popular calibers, especially handgun calibers. When you did, it was expensive. Now it's not only available, it's often on sale. Nearly every major gun shop had ammo discounts during the holidays for popular calibers.

I am feeling comfortable enough I probably won't be buying any more .22 ammo for a while even if it's available. I have a reasonable supply, and I am confident I will have the opportunity to buy more before my supply runs out.

The longer .22 ammo stays on the shelves, the less valuable it will be to hoarders and profiteers. Frankly, it won't hurt my feelings to see them sitting on piles of ammo they bought at peak prices and tried to make a quick buck selling at higher prices, but now have to sell at a loss.