News and documents from the St. Luke's hospital antitrust lawsuit

The Idaho Statesman provided comprehensive coverage of the antitrust lawsuits against Boise-based St. Luke's Health System, stemming from the St. Luke's buyout of Nampa-based Saltzer Medical Group. Here, you will find links to Statesman stories, key documents, witness statements and national media coverage of the case.



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  • Dr. Clark Robinson, orthopedic surgeon, Saint Alphonsus, formerly Saltzer

    "At the meetings I attended, St. Luke's personnel described their motivations in undertaking the Saltzer transaction. First, St. Luke's wanted to secure Saltzer's primary care referrals. Second, St. Luke's wanted additional market share."
  • Dr. Marshall Priest, cardiologist, St. Luke's

    " Saint Al's directed most of the emergency department patients requiring cardiology admission to Saint Al's physicians until eventually we were treating a very small number of patients "
  • Nancy Powell, chief administrative officer, Saint Alphonsus, formerly Saltzer

    "He told us that if Saltzer did not join with St. Luke's, St. Luke's would compete with Saltzer. He asked, 'Do you really think you can compete against St. Luke's?'"
  • Patricia Richards, CEO of SelectHealth insurance company

    "The goal, over time, is to lower costs and therefore premiums, as a way of sharing savings with the community. This model provides a strong incentive for St. Luke's to effectively manage care ..."
  • Dr. Peter Doble, ear/nose/throat specialist in Twin Falls

    "Because of these price increases, I often send patients to the Minidoka Medical Center in Rupert (48 miles away) for CT scans because they can save ... between $400 to $500."
  • David Pate, CEO of St. Luke's

    "Under a pay-for-value model, St. Luke's will transition into risk-based arrangements with commercial payers to receive a fixed amount for caring for a population of patients ... thereby creating incentives for physicians to focus on patient's overall health and outcome."
  • Dr. Bayo Crownson, family physician, St. Luke's, formerly Saint Alphonsus

    "I also found problematic the fact that Saint Al's required physicians, upon referring a patient to a hospital outside of its network, to fill out a form justifying our decision."
  • Analysis by St. Luke's expert witness David Argue
  • Analysis by Saint Alphonsus expert witness Deborah Haas-Wilson

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  • Opening day: Opening statements from lawyers, live witness Jeff Crouch (Blue Cross of Idaho)
  • Day 2: Jeff Crouch (Blue Cross)
  • Day 3: Linda Duer (Idaho Physicians Network)
  • Day 4: Patrick Otte (Micron)
  • Day 5: Nancy Powell (formerly at Saltzer, now at Saint Alphonsus)
  • Day 6: Karl Keeler (Saint Alphonsus-Nampa), Lannie Checketts (Saint Alphonsus-Nampa), Nick Genna (Treasure Valley Hospital)
  • Day 7: Nick Genna (Treasure Valley Hospital), David Peterman (Primary Health Medical Group), Blaine Petersen (Saint Alphonsus Health System)
  • Day 8: David Dranove (expert witness)
  • Day 9: Deborah Haas-Wilson (expert witness)
  • Day 10: David Pate (St. Luke's Health System), Pat Richards (SelectHealth), Bill Deal (Idaho Department of Insurance), Dr. Marshall Priest (St. Luke's)
  • Day 11: Dr. Marshall Priest (St. Luke's), Dr. Mark Johnson (St. Luke's), John Kee (St. Luke's), Dr. James Souza (St. Luke's)
  • Day 12: Dr. James Souza (St. Luke's), Brian Fortuin (St. Luke's Magic Valley), Adebayo Crownson (St. Luke's), Chris Roth (St. Luke's Treasure Valley), Dick Armstrong (Idaho Department of Health and Welfare)
  • Day 13: Chris Roth (St. Luke's Treasure Valley), Dr. Scott Huerd (St. Luke's), John Kaiser (Saltzer), Dr. Steven Williams (Saltzer)
  • Day 14: Alain Enthoven (expert witness)
  • Day 15: Arthur Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer Cos., St. Luke's board member), Marc Chasin (St. Luke's), Dr. Randell Page (Saltzer), David Argue (expert witness)
  • Day 16: David Argue (expert witness), Dr. Bill Savage (Saltzer)
  • Day 17: Lisa Ahern (expert witness), Dr. Thomas Patterson (Saltzer), Dr. Harold Kunz (Saltzer), Greg Sonnenberg (Saint Alphonsus)
  • Day 18: David Dranove (expert witness), Kenneth Kizer (expert witness), James Polk (Saint Alphonsus)
  • Final day: Closing arguments from lawyers

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