Consortium aims to serve Hollywood, teach Idaho kids

The consortium, which calls itself League 43, says it has formed a cinematic pipeline to Hollywood. Its most recent projects involve producing visual effects for a Virgin America in-flight safety video and supervising visual effects for an upcoming film, “The Forger,” starring John Travolta.

League 43, based at 1111 S. Orchard St., says it began with a core of visual effects artists and has grown into a script-to-screen production team equipped with state-of-the-art Red Epic camera technology and post-production offerings.

Its members include directors, actors, editors, animators, film crews, visual effects artists, costume and makeup artists, lighting professionals and others.

“Our main goal is to capture national work, as well as local film production, to showcase Idaho’s diverse and wide-ranging talent,” says spokesman Jesse Cordtz, who owns Hiero Entertainment, a video production company.

Artists also dabble in game art. In recent weeks, League 43 affiliates have provided renderings for Disney’s “Mickey’s Super Adventure” and “Henry’s Hugglematch” and are planning to release a locally produced game.

League 43 artists provided the art assets for “Kick the Kitties,” an app game by Choo Parr Productions LLC of Kuna, with each player acting as a rat who uses cats to fight sewer monsters. The game was released Dec. 2 in Apple’s App Store.

League 43 says it has developed a partnership with the Idaho Children’s Educational Film and Television Foundation to teach weekly classes for children ages 8 to 13 starting in March, with enrollment in February. The foundation has been inactive for a few years, says cofounder Jane Klosterman, but she recently decided to sponsor a film school and partner with League 43 for the faculty.

Because technology used in film production is ever-changing, Cordtz says it’s important to plant the love of film production early.

Classes will be taught by actress Jane Merrow. Production courses will be taught by League affiliates Tick Tock Media Productions and Hiero Entertainment.

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