McConnell faces criticism at home for killing auto bailout

Kentucky automobile dealers were surprised, confused and saddened Thursday by Sen. Mitch McConnell's opposition to a financial bailout of the Big Three automakers.

"I have never been as disappointed as I am today," said Versailles Ford dealer Jack Kain, who was chairman of the National Association of Automobile Dealers Association in 2005.

Kain said he and other industry representatives met with Kentucky's congressional delegation on Tuesday in Washington and came away feeling that McConnell wouldn't oppose the bailout.

He told them, however, that there were several versions of the bailout bill being circulated in Congress and that he would have to read the final one before he could be certain, Kain said.

Ron Jackson, president of the Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association, said it's "hard to know" why McConnell opposed the bailout, but "the manufacturers have to have this money."

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