U.S. Steel halts work at Midwest sites, surprising no one

GRANITE CITY, Ill. — Few steelworkers who were arriving at U.S. Steel Corp.'s Granite City Works on Wednesday were surprised that the steel mill was temporarily halting production.

"I kind of sensed it," said 41-year-old Lavoris White of East St. Louis. "I had that feeling that things were slowing down."

On Tuesday, White and other co-workers learned that U.S. Steel Corp. will temporarily suspend operations at the steel plant and two other Midwest sites. The company will "hot idle," or temporarily consolidate, operations over the coming weeks for an unspecified period of time.

The move will affect a combined 3,500 steel workers at Granite City Works, an iron ore mining and pelletizing plant Keetac in Keewatin, Minn., and the Great Lakes Works near Detroit.

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