Big line for free turkeys in Sacramento; police called

Those seeking evidence of the struggling economy needed to go no further than the Saramento food bank and a nearby thoroughfare Monday morning where a line of people stretched around the block.

They were there to get a free Thanksgiving care package, complete with a frozen turkey. Between today and Tuesday, officials at Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services expect to give away 5,000 turkeys.

Things got testy at times as line jumpers thwarted the crowd control efforts of food bank volunteers and the police had to be called in to keep order.

At least one man was arrested and an ambulance had to assist an elderly man.

Even before Monday's lengthy food line, Blake Young, the food bank's president said he has seen a 20 percent increase in people seeking help.

"I have never seen a line like this," said Jim Karber, a bag stuffing volunteer who brought his grandson to help Monday. "This is incredible."

He figures the economy had "a lot to do with" line.

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